Kroger Seeks Its First Ever Creative Agency of Record


Kroger one of America’s largest retailers recently announced that it will be seeking a creative agency of record. This would be the first time ever the retailer will be having or seeking a creative agency of record. According to Ad Week, Kroger sent out its RFI about two weeks ago. The RFI by Kroger apparently includes a range of creative agencies.

Kroger Seeks Its First Ever Creative Agency of Record

About Kroger

Kroger is an American retailing company, it was founded in 1883 in Cincinnati Ohio. It is the second largest general retailer and the largest supermarket chain by revenue in America. Kroger is the 3rd largest retailer in the world. It operates directly or through its subsidiaries, 2765 supermarkets and Multi-department stores. They operate in 35 states in America and the District of Columbia. They have different store formats like hypermarkets, supermarkets, superstores, department stores and jewellery stores.

About the Kroger Search for a Creative Agency of Record

Like it said earlier the brand sent out the RFI two weeks ago. According to the retailers head of brand building Mandy Rassi, they are considering both larger and independents firm. They are casting a wide net to ensure they are considering all options. The retailer Kroger is in search of an agency that will help bring a fresh perspective. According to Rassi, they want an agency that will push them out of their comfort zones. They seek an agency that will transform their brand in a way that is true to their roots while still being relevant to their customer’s culture today.

The brand is also in search of an agency which has successful experience working with brands that have a deep history. They want an agency that has strengths across all media channels and can also execute their strategic vision. Most importantly the brand seeks an agency that can tell the Kroger story well. According to Rass, they want an agency who first and foremost understands the brand and can play back their understanding with a great strategy.  They want a creative transformation that will connect with their customers on a very human level. Rassi also added that they don’t want to get to a place where there will be agencies managing agencies. They want to be fully involved in the work.


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