Kroger Launches New Brand Positioning


At AdWeek’s second-annual Brand Week, Kroger launched a brand refresh. The brand refresh involves the launch of a new brand logo, change in the look and feel of the brand and a change in the brands positioning statement. Kroger’s brand refresh is from DDB New York, this is the first work from the agency since it was appointed the retailer’s first creative agency of record in July.

Kroger Launches New Brand Positioning

About the New Brand Refresh

This new brand refresh includes a new logo which has existed for over 100 years. The new logo still retains its original heritage but now has more contemporary lines. This new logo still highlights the “k” and “g” in the Kroger name. Another big change in the brand refresh is the new tagline. The retailer’s new tagline is “Fresh for everyone”, this new tagline will roll out across Kroger’s namesake and the other 20 brands like Fred Meyer and Harris Teeter. This new tagline seeks to position the brand as a leader in providing fresh, more affordable food.

To promote its new brand identity, the brand has released a new marketing push. This spot features “Kroji” animated emoji-type characters.  In one 30-second  spot, a voiceover talks about the different types of people who enjoy fresh food. People like amateur chefs, salad lovers, midnight snackers and brown baggers. This marketing push will include national TV, in-store marketing, radio, digital, print, social media, podcasts and out-of-home.

With the spot, the brand is also expressing its new brand identity. From the spot, we can see that the brand has shifted from the traditional hero shots of food. They have moved into animation and brighter colour palettes that are meant to signify more fun and a sense of inclusion.

Kroger Speaks on the Brand Refresh

Mady Rassi, Kroger’s vice president of marketing spoke about its new positioning. She stated that the new positioning will not replace the banners of brands the company owns like Ralph’s in California, Fred Meyer and QFC in the Pacific Northwest, King Soopers in the Rocky Mountain region, Mariano’s in Chicago.  According to her, “Fresh for Everyone” will complement the long-standing equity built in those brands. She stated that local equity is a competitive advantage for the brand. Rassi explained that during testing that there wasn’t as much equity in the tagline as there is in the name of the banners. Testing showed that those names are where the emotion for customers is.

DDB New York Speaks on the New Positioning

DDB New York co-CCO Lisa Topol spoke about the new tagline. According to Topol, the new tagline came from a sense of democratization in how the brand approaches its product. But, more importantly, it is meant to imbue a sense of friendliness and optimism. Topol explained that the new tagline feels like the tone of Kroger.  She explained that freshness is incredibly important, but it’s not just fresh in and of itself. It’s fresh for everyone.  She talked about how they talked about the trifecta of quality, value and convenience, and how they felt like ‘Fresh for Everyone’ encapsulated that.


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