Kimono Refashioned: Asian Art Museum Explores Influence of Kimono’s on Global fashion


The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco will be showing a new special exhibition. The exhibition is titled Kimono Refashioned, it will run from the 8th of February to the 5th of May 2019. Kimono refashioned will explore how the kimono has inspired global fashion. It will look at how the kimono has influenced designers in the East and West for the last 150 years, from the Victorian era to the digital era.

Kimono Refashioned: Asian Art Museum Explores Influence of Kimono’s on Global fashion

 About the Kimono Refashioned Exhibit

The Kimono Refashioned exhibit will show attendees examples of how vital the Japanese Kimono has been to fashion with its minimalist design aesthetic. It will also show its attendees how the Kimono has been a source of inspiration in the past and in the present. Kimono Refashioned will explore how the fashion item has influenced fashion around the world. It will tell the story of the intimately interconnected world of fashion. The exhibition will feature garments, accessories and artwork from a variety of designers and artists. It will spotlight more than 40 ensembles, accessories and artworks from over 30 designers and artists. Kimono Refashioned will feature works for fashion masters of the past like Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel. It will also feature works contemporary visionaries like Issey Miyake, Tom Ford, and Iris van Herpen.

The exhibit will showcase apparel from the collection of the renowned Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan. Kimono Refashioned will follow the influence of kimono from 19th-century English formal dresses with bustles and trains to 1920s Parisian evening gowns, to haute couture fashion in the late 20th century, to recent pop menswear. It will focus on the ways that the kimono structure, fabric, motif and concept have penetrated into the Western garments

Asian Art Museum Speak on the Kimono Refashioned Exhibit

Speaking about the exhibit Jay XU, the Director and CEO of the Asian Art Museum state that the exhibit isn’t a kimono show. He stated that the exhibition will emphasize the cultural fluidity of kimonos. It will also demonstrate how a simple item of clothing can contribute to meaningful exchanges of ideas.

A curator at the museum Karin Oen, stated that while past exhibitions about Japan’s artistic influence have focused on shorter time frames like a specific decade or dynasty. This exhibit will trace the interest and influence in Western fashion from the 19th century to date. She explained that attendees will get to see the garments themselves which will inspire a more tangible impact


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