KFC Scroll Thru: KFC Launches its First Ever Digital Branch in the Middle East


KFC Middle East recently launched a new social media campaign called “KFC Scroll Thru.”  The inspiration behind the campaign came after KFC found out that social media users scroll through an average of 90 meters of social media content per day. They believe that this would work up an appetite and that’s why they decided to launch the KFC scroll thru campaign. With the new KFC social media scroll thru campaign, users have a drive-thru for their thumb while they scroll through their social media feed.

KFC Scroll Thru: KFC Launches its First Ever Digital Branch in the Middle East

About the KFC Scroll Thru Campaign

With the social media scroll through the campaign, users can order food while scrolling through their social media feed. The campaign offers users a one of a kind exciting interactive social experience. As users scroll through their social media feeds, the KFC scroll thru will appear in the place of an ad. Once the window is pulled up, a KFC employee warmly greets the social media user. The KFC employee will then suggest various meal’s that might tickle their taste buds. Users can also swipe through the KFC scroll thru menu which will appear below the window. They can then select which meal they wish to order instantly.

The whole KFC social media campaign is available in both English and Arabic and is available on social media feeds on websites all over the Middle East. As for users who weren’t hungry enough to order the first time, the KFC employee will inspire them to do so in surprising ways the next time they are scrolling through.

KFC Speaks on the KFC Scroll ThruCampaign

The chief marketing officer of the YUM! Brands/ KFC MENA Turkey and Pakistan Ozge Zoralioglu spoke about the campaign. He spoke about how the brand has always been a part of many people’s moments. He explained that now people spend most of their time scrolling through their social media feeds, they would still like to be a part of their lives. They also want to keep what they deliver easy and relevant to what their consumers need. They believe they were able to achieve that with the campaign.



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