KFC Runs a Series of Cheeky Animated Christmas Ads Wishing People Luck with Cooking a Turkey


KFC recently released a series of cheeky animated Christmas ads which are aimed at wishing people good luck with cooking their turkeys on the 25th  of December. The ads also tell their consumers that until the dreaded turkey cooking day, KFC has got them covered. With this Christmas campaign, KFC is topping up a stellar year of advertising with another amazing campaign.

KFC Runs a Series of Cheeky Animated Christmas Ads Wishing People Luck with Cooking a Turkey

The fast-food chain has seen an amazing advertising year. They have released a number of highly lauded campaigns. One of such campaigns includes the “Chicken Town” campaign. The fast-food chain released the ad in April and it told the story of “the original chicken don”. “The original chicken don’ takes to the streets to assess KFC’s competition.  Another example of another amazing campaign was the fast-food chain’s youth-focused ‘What the Cluck’ campaign. The fast-food chain also ran a print campaign encouraging people to try its bacon cheeseburger before they all go vegan.

About the Animated Christmas Ads

Taking a cue from its last year Christmas campaign, KFC used a turkey as the center of its ad. This year, Mother London created an advertising push which consists of five 10 second ads that will run on TV, social and OOH.

In the ads, we see the brand wish its customers good luck with their turkeys on the 25th of December. The ads feature a range of nightmare scenarios that can happen when trying to cook a turkey on Christmas. Some of these scenarios include trying to defrost a turkey on time, to fitting it in an oven and carving it.


KFC Speaks on the Christmas Ads

Kate Wall, head of advertising and retail at KFC UK and Ireland spoke about the ads. She talked about how everyone has their turkey Christmas horror stories and how they’re usually enough to keep any family’s designated chef up all Christmas Eve. According to Wall, they wanted their Christmas campaign to take an irreverent, cheeky look at the ritual that has become ‘Christmas Turkey’. She talked about how they wanted to wish everyone good luck with the turkey on 25th December and remind them that they got them until then.


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