KFC Made a Spotify Playlist of Bucket Bangers


Did you know that KFC has been explicitly been mentioned in a whopping 46 hip-hop songs over the past 30 years? As we know its part of hip-hop culture to name drop luxury and popular brands. Usually, the brands that are mentioned are fashion or alcohol brands. But apparently food, precisely restaurant chains are very commonly name-dropped and KFC is one of such brands. The restaurant chain has been name-dropped in 46 hip hop songs in over 30 years. To celebrate all the major hip hop references the brand has created a Spotify playlist called Bucket Bangers.

KFC Made a Spotify Playlist of Bucket Bangers

About KFC’s Bucket Bangers Playlist on Spotify

The Bucket Bangers playlist on Spotify features all the 46 hip hop songs KFC has been name-dropped in. The Bucket Bangers playlist on Spotify features songs from some big names like Run DMC, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, MIA and the Beastie Boys. Not only America artists are featured in the Bucket Bangers playlist, but other artists from all over the world are also featured on the playlist. Some of them include French acts like Maître Gims and Orelsan. Artists from Germany, Russia and Brazil are also featured on the Bucket Bangers playlist.

French Agency Creates Campaign to Promote the Bucket Bangers Playlist on Spotify

To help promote the Spotify playlist, KFC’s French agency Sid Lee Paris created a campaign to promote the playlist via Spotify banners and a series of OOH ads around Paris with lyrics from the songs. By creating the playlist on Spotify and the campaign, KFC is using a unique way to flex KFC’s pop-culture prowess. Seeing as they are not a lot of brands especially food chain brands that can pull off such a lengthy playlist.

A lot of brands have embraced the idea of making a branded playlist using Spotify. It is a unique and different way for brands to amplify themselves while engaging with their customers. It helps them connect with their consumers in a very unique but personalized way. What do you think about brands making a branded playlist, please share your thoughts below.


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