KFC Bucket Hat: KFC Hat That Doubles As a Bucket for Chicken


KFC recently launched a new promotional product. The new promotional hat is called a bucket hat. The KFC Bucket hat is a wearable hat that doubles a bucket for chicken. If you remove the idea of hygiene and whatnot, the KFC bucket hat is a pretty cool and handy product to have.

KFC Bucket Hat: KFC Hat That Doubles As a Bucket for Chicken

About the KFC Bucket Hat

The KFC bucket hat was created with by creative agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The whole campaign and promotional product were created for KFC Russia. KFC’s bucket hat was designed in partnership with St. Petersburg-based streetwear brand Mam Cupy.  The hat features KFC and MAN Cupy’s logos upside down (which is, of course really right-side-up if you’re hauling a load of crispy chicken). The handy hat is selling for 1,800 rubles which is about $ 30 in the US.

KFC’s promotional product launch comes as KFC Russia has been rebranding. The marketing is changing to look and feel more like how it is marketed in other markets. KFC Russia is also using the bucket hats to attract a younger audience. Seeing as the headwear style is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The brand began to work with W+K Amsterdam last year.  W+K Portland has long handled the fast food’s brand marketing in its home country of the U.S. Once W+K P Amsterdam begun to handle their work, they begun embracing founder-mascot Colonel Sanders for the first time. One of their most notable works embracing the mascot is singing a hypnotic track called “Chicken Is Crunch, Chicken Is Taste.”

KFC Speaks on the Bucket Hat

Daniel Rubinovski the marketing director of KFC Russia spoke about the new promotional products. He stated that the brand follows the aspirations for creativity and innovation set by the founder, Colonel Sanders. He explained that with this campaign they are bringing to life their iconic chicken bucket in a fascinating and experimental way. Rubinovski expressed his hope that the product and campaign will excite KFC fans and will serve as inspiration for future partnership.


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