Kantar Unveils Predictions for the 2019 Media Landscape


Kantar WPP’s arm for research, data and insight just recently released its predictions for 2019’s media landscape.  The report contains Kantar’s perspective on the major trends that will dominate and shape the 2019 media landscape. Their predictions are their perspective of trends that will affect the 2019 media landscape for brand owners, agencies and media platforms. In the report, Kantar identified 12 trends that will transform the 2019 media landscape.

Kantar Unveils Predictions for the 2019 Media Landscape

12 Trends Kantar Predicts will Shape the 2019 Media Landscape

  • Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI): Kantar predicts that AI will resolve the integrated online/offline return on marketing investment dilemma in 2019.
  • Voice technology: The research, data and insight company predicts that Voice technology will break through in creative planning and the marketing mix in 2019.
  • Chinese leadership: They predict that in 2019 Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west.
  • Branded experience network: They predict that there will be an emergence of the ‘branded experience network’. They believe that it will transform media management in to ‘internet of everything’ management.
  • Women empowerment: Kantar predicts that in 2019 brands will start to take the portrayal of women in advertising seriously.
  • Amazon: The research, data and insight company has some predictions about Amazon. They believe that the e-commerce company will emerge from the advertising world ‘shadows’ to make the duopoly an triopoly.
  • Vertical video: They believe that vertical video will lead the way in creativity.
  • The big screen: Kantar predicts that the big screen will make a comeback, bigger and better than before.
  • Programmatic buying: In 2019, Kantar predicts that attitudinal insights combined with predictive modelling will make programmatic buying more agile and accurate.
  • Influencer marketing: They predict that influencer marketing strategies will pivot to priorities credibility instead of reach.
  • GDPR compliance: They believe that GDPR compliance will drive more sophistication in brand data strategies in 2019.
  • Augmented reality (AR): According to their predictions, in 2019 AR will start to shape both the consumer journey and customer experience.

Kantar’s CEO Speaks on 2019 Media Landscape

Kantar’s CEO Eric Salma also spoke about his predictions for the 2019 media landscape. He says that the speed at which technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is adopted will shock the media world. Eric Salma also predicts that the 2019 media landscape will start to see connected intelligence dominate the narrative.  For Kantar’s full prediction report, please click here

About Kantar

Kantar is one of world’s leading data investment management companies and it is a division of WPPP. It was founded in 1993, Kantar has over 30,000 employees and operates in 100 countries. Their headquarters is in London UK


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