Jason Peterson and Havas Group Part Ways


Havas Group recently released a statement that its CCO of North America Jason Peterson is leaving the agency. The statement stated that Jason Peterson and Havas Group will be parting ways based on a mutual agreement. In the statement Havas Group thanks Jason Peterson for his contribution to the company, they also wished him well in his future plans.

Reports claim that the email sent to staff differed from the official statement sent to the press. The email sent by the global chairman and CEO Yannick Bolloré had a different subject line. The subject line read Jason Peterson to leave the group, the body of the email was very similar to the press statement.

Jason Peterson and Havas Group Part Ways
Source: New York Festival

Why did Jason Peterson and Havas Group Part Ways?

There are numerous reports floating around about the reasons why Jason Peterson and Havas Group parted ways. None of the reports has been confirmed by either party as the reason why they parted ways. Here are some of the speculated reasons why Jason Peterson left the Havas Group.

  • According to the reports from Ad week, Jason Peterson might have left Havas Group after an Instagram event. Jason Peterson, a very popular Instagram personality with over 1 million followers attracted some critics after he posted an employee of the month exhibit on his Instagram feed. The exhibit which is located in the front lobby of the agency Chicago office appeared to shame employees who criticised his and other executives leadership styles. Jason Peterson captioned the post of the exhibit with a tagline “your hate is my anthem”.  After the backlash he received from the post, James Peterson showed no remorse according to sources. They say in a meeting organized to address the meeting, he says he would do it again in a minute.
  • In another report, Ad Week says that an odd internal video was circulated. The reports claimed that he criticized other agencies like BBDO and Leo Burnett in the video. The video shows Jason calling the agencies “shitty”, he goes further to say that Havas Group real competitors are “kids with iPhones”.
  • Another report states that the decision to part ways came after an Ad Age Piece. The piece portrays Jason Peterson as a bully. The piece sited experiences where Peterson created a hostile work environment. In the piece, the Havas Chicago office was as a hostile place with a toxic work culture. The piece also noted that the work environment didn’t exactly nurture productivity. They said that TV screens scattered about the office. The screens often tuned to Vice programming that sometimes was sexual in nature and/or about drugs. Loud music is often blaring in the hallways

Seeing as no official statement has been made by Jason Peterson or Havas Group, we can’t verify or pinpoint the exact cause of the split. Some might say that all the above reports might have formed a chain reaction that led to the decision. Jason Peterson had been with Havas Group for eight years.

About Havas Group

Havas Group operates through its two Business Units, Havas Creative Group and Havas Media Group. It is a  multinational advertising and public relations company. They offer a wide range of services like digital advertising, direct marketing, media planning and buying, corporate communications, sales promotion, public relations and so much more. Its headquarter is located in Paris, France and it operates in over 100 countries.


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