Island Records Promotes Giggs New Album with New Wall Art Mural


To promote Giggs New Album Island Records partnered with virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) production house Gate Reality and AllOver, an experiential out-of-home advertising agency. They worked together to promote Giggs new album by creating an augmented wall mural. Island Records, which is a UK record label owned by Universal Music Group is promoting Giggs new album with an AR wall mural that’s inspired by classic action films.

About the AR Wall Mural for Giggs New Album

Giggs new album which is called Big Bad is being promoted by using green screen footage from album’s release video. The AR mural for Giggs new album is located at 28 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch London which is London’s first dedicated AR wall mural site. The AR mural features a giant form of Giggs towering over the London skyline along with 3D models of helicopters and tanks and has been created to make it look as if Giggs is moving within the scene.

For fans, who want to watch the painted hand-painted mural come to life. They should download an app via a QR code at the wall. Then they should point their device at the wall and the hand-painted mural will come to life. They will view a scene based on the album video launch. The mural and the footage were designed to make it appear like Giggs is actually moving within the scene.

Island Records Speaks on the Album Launch and the AR Wall Mural

Akosua Scantlebury Island Record’s urban division manager spoke on Giggs new album launch and the AR wall mural promotion. He spoke about how Giggs album is quite enormous, ambitious and one of his finest achievements. Scantlebury spoke about how the album was initially introduced to his fans. The album was introduced to fans with a high energy cinematic trailer to help set the tone for the whole campaign. The record label decided to match the ambition and energy of the album with an interactive visual. Scantlebury stated that they aimed to stop people in their tracks and they believe that their collaboration with Gate Reality and Allover was able to achieve that.


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