Into the Spotlight: Lux Uses Google Search Results to Spotlight Saudi Arabian Women for Male-Dominated Jobs


Unilever’s brand Lux recently launched a campaign in Saudi Arabia. The campaign is titled Into the Spotlight, and it aims to shine a spotlight on female professionals in Saudi Arabia. Lux’s Into the Spotlight campaign plans to put a spotlight on women by using searches for male-dominated jobs.

About the Into the Spotlight Campaign

The Into the Spotlight by Lux used paid search results on the Google link to connect on Miraa. Miraa is a joint venture between Unilever and Vice, it is about leading women in certain job fields. For the Into the Spotlight campaign, Unilever brand Lux is working with the creative agency J Walter Thompson Singapore. J Walter Thompson is the official agency behind the into the Spotlight campaign. According to J Walter Thompson Singapore, the idea for the into the spotlight campaign was born from the insight that even though they are changing views around women and their ability to work in Saudi Arabia. Men still dominate various industries and there was a lack of female role models. With the campaign Lux and its partners are hoping to change that.

When people search for a male-dominated job role, all the search results will send people to a landing page on Mirra. Users will see profiles of a leading woman in that field. For example, fashion photographer Huda Beydoun when people search for a photographer. Every page features a video about the woman and information about her achievements. The into the spotlight campaign is said to already be effective and a hit. According to the creative agency involved J Walter Thompson, the campaign has led to over 150,000 site visits since it launched on International Women’s Day.

Lux Speaks on the Into the Spotlight Campaign

The Lux global brand vice president Anne Radmacher spoke on their latest campaign. She stated that based on the knowledge that a lot of the professions in Saudi Arabia are still male-dominated even though they’re qualified women who have successfully entered these male-dominated fields. They believe that now, more than ever is the time for women to dare to step ‘into the spotlight’



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