Internet Heroes of Genius: Bud Light Brings Back ‘Real Men of Genius’ with New Twist for Digital Age


Bud Light is bringing back one of the longest-running ad campaigns of all time ‘Real Men of Genius.’ But they are putting a twist for the digital age. The initial ad ran from 1998 to 2007 and was mostly on radio. Bud Light is calling the revived version ‘Internet Heroes of Genius’. The Internet Heroes of Genius is an updated version which has been created to be better suited to the current cultural climate.

Internet Heroes of Genius: Bud Light Brings Back ‘Real Men of Genius’ with New Twist for Digital Age

About Bud Light’s Internet Heroes of Genius

The Internet Heroes of Genius campaign will see Bud Light releasing seven spots promoting the people who make the internet a place to spend time. They will move from mock celebration goosy archetypes like “Mr Really Really Bad Dance’ and ‘Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer’. Just like the original campaign, it would mostly be an audio ad. The audio ads will be praising heroes like the Online Encyclopedia Hero, Snapchat Lens Hero, Person That Still Uses Middle School Email Hero and others.

This new version of the campaign was created by Red, a division of Endeavor Global Marketing, in collaboration with the brewer’s new in-house agency, called Draftline. The script for the ad promises to be wittingly written just like the original scripts. The voiceover and singer’s voice sounds for the new campaign sounds nearly identical to the original ads. But Bud Light stated that it is using a new talent for the roles.

AB InBev Speaks About the Campaign

The reps from AB InBev who spoke about the campaign stressed that the effort is supplemental. The campaign does not replace Bud Light’s ongoing “Dilly Dilly” campaign by Wieden & Kennedy.  Conor Mason the digital marketing director at AB InBev spoke about the Internet Heroes of Genius Campaign. He stated that at the core of Bud Light is always fun and connecting with young people. The brand sees the campaign as a great way to be fun while still connecting with young people.

The brand plans to give the campaign highly targeted paid support across various social platforms. For example ‘Snapchat Lens Creator’ will be specially designed for Snapchat. While  ‘Person Who Sorts By New’ would be designed to for Reddit and ‘Video Streaming Login Sharer’ will be run on Hulu and some other video streaming platforms.


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