International Women’s Day: 5 Brands who hit it Out of the Park


International Women’s Day was on the 8th of March and a lot of brands used the opportunity to highlight the things they were doing to celebrate women. Some used the International Women’s Day to highlight staff initiatives they were pushing to promote gender equality. Some pushed charitable initiatives they were launching or investing in that are aimed at celebrating and uplifting women. Other brands and agencies focused on products that will help to inspire the next generation of women. On today’s post, we would discuss 5 brands who we felt truly captured the spirit of International Women’s Day.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Budweiser decided to own up to its past sexism. The beer brand published 3 ads from the 1950s and 1960s, they put an updated version of these ads. The ads ran in the New York Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune. They are also partnering with #SeeHer initiative to help improve the portrayal of women in advertising.

5 Brands who hit it Out of the Park

Coco de Mer

For International Women’s Dar Coco de Mer decided to tackle the issue of female genital mutilation. The lingerie brand partnered with Desert Flower Foundation to create a film that laid down the facts about female genital mutilation globally. The film condemned the gendered cutting. The Lingerie brand and the Desert Flower Foundation also aim to collect 10 million signatures by the end of 2019 to demand an indefinite end to female genital mutilation the world over. The Desert Flower Foundation founder Waris Dirie was also photographed for the brand’s Icons lingerie collection. A percentage of sales from the collection will also be donated to the foundation.

5 Brands who hit it Out of the Park


PepsiCo celebrated International Women’s Day by donating $18.2 million to non-profit Care. The donation will go towards providing five million female farmers and their families with access to education and economic support. The educational and economic support will help them increase their crop yields. This donation part of the “She Feeds the World” initiative. The initiative is aimed at meeting the needs of growing production.

5 Brands who hit it Out of the Park


For International Women’s Day, Vodafone announced that it is working with Bright Sky. Bright Sky is an app that helps to identify domestic abuse and violence support centres for victims. With the app, victims can record the incidents securely and can find the nearest support centre. The app is currently being used predominantly in the UK. Vodafone will be helping the app launch in other European countries.

Dove chocolate

To celebrate International Women day, Dove chocolate announced that it is building a marketplace for women in Ivory Coast. Dove chocolate donated $ 1million to non-profit Care to help build this marketplace. Dove chocolates chose Ivory Coast because it is a place where the source their Cocoa from.

5 Brands who hit it Out of the Park


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