International Committee of the Red Cross Shares an Emotional Christmas Ad


Every Christmas, our TV sets are filled with amazing and colourful Christmas ads by different brands. The Christmas ads usually have the same general theme, the themes usually have a sentimental and positive feel to it. The ads usually promote strong themes like family, food, traditions, joy, celebrations and giving. This year Red Cross deviated from these themes and reminded us that while a lot of us might be celebrating, there are a lot of people who won’t be celebrating this Christmas. The International Committee of the Red Cross recently released an ad to raise awareness for their work in reuniting missing people with their families across the world. The TV ad is title “the one gift Santa can’t deliver”

International Committee of the Red Cross Shares an Emotional Christmas Ad
Source: Ad Week

About the Red Cross “The one gift Santa can’t deliver”

The Red Cross ad “the one gift Santa can’t deliver” was created by the Agency adam&eveDDB and the ad is about 100 seconds long. The ad was created to raise awareness for the work Red Cross is doing to reunite children who have been separated from their families because of war, migration or natural disaster.

The Red Cross “the one gift Santa can’t deliver” ad is set in a war zone. In the ad Santa is seen looking dishevelled and is red colourful suit is covered in grime. He looks disoriented and scared as he tries to navigate through the war zone.  He finally makes it to a damaged house, where he finds a little girl who looks disoriented and traumatized. As he reaches to touch the girl, he disappears, revealing that his visit took place in her mind. The ad ends with Red Cross telling us that the only gift a lot of children want this Christmas is to be reunited with their family. They then go on to encourage viewers to help the cause.

The ad is very haunting and emotional, it gives viewers some perspective on the Christmas season. It reminds us that as happy and joyful this season is we should remember that they are millions who can’t share in this happiness with their families. It reminds us to be grateful while spurring its viewers to action.

About Red Cross Effort to Reunite Families

Red Cross has a program has a program called Restoring Family Links (RFL). The RFL program focuses on preventing separation and disappearance. They look for missing persons, restore and maintain contact between family members. If you wish to donate to the cause please click here


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