Inside Apple’s Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Reveal of AirPods Pro


Apple recently introduced AirPods Pro and to promote the device the tech giants used dramatic and unusual outdoor ads. Apple’s latest device features amazing innovations like Active Noise Cancellation to create an immersive sound, newly tapered silicon tips and transparency mode. For the promotion of the device, Apple broke from its Apple tradition and used dramatic outdoor ads for the product’s unveiling. On this post, we would be taking you inside these ads that seemed to captivate everyone.

About the Promotion of Apple’s AirPods Pro

For the promotion of the AirPods Pro, Apple broke from tradition. Unlike other product unveilings where a keynote address is given by CEO Tim Cook to announce the product, no formal announcements were given. Usually, when the brand is marketing other products, the brand sticks to its minimalist style. But for this device, the brand chose bold advertising. The AirPods Pro was also given premium placement. According to Apple, no other product has ever gotten or may ever get such premium placement again.

Inside Apple’s Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Reveal of AirPods Pro

For the campaign, Apple decorated its stores with big-sized ads globally to promote the product. The OOH ads were massive with some higher than 40 feet in height. There were 16 outdoor boards and across the facades of 17 Apple Store locations in major global markets. Apple stores in London, Tokyo, Paris, Dubai, Milan and other locations featured the ad. The ads appeared in two-phases. The first phase featured giant and unbranded images of dancers. Apple’s second phase involved updating the ads to include the new devices in the dancers’ ears.

Inside Apple’s Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Reveal of AirPods Pro

Inside Apple’s Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Reveal of AirPods Pro

Apple’s goal with the outdoor ads with the dancers was to convey being caught up in the music rather than posing dramatically for the camera. They were also trying to convey a new feature of the AirPods Pro, “active noise cancellation” that blocks outside sounds. To accurately convey their message, they captured more than 30,000 photos of the dancers. They had to scan through all these 30,000 photos to get “in-between moments.”  These “in-between moments conveyed being caught up in the music. They also went through the photos to select images that would work with the dimensions of each unique ad placement.

With the ads, Apple was trying to highlight freedom from limitations. To do this the brand allowed the dancers’ arms and legs to extend beyond the usual borders of each medium. OOH, media agency OMD was in charge of getting the ad spaces. They had to get placements that would allow for extensions, including one that extended 15 feet outside the edge of placement on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

As a result of the widely different placements, placing the AirPods into the ads for the second phase was very difficult. In some, the earbuds could be added through a relatively simple visual patch over the original image. In others, the entire towering piece of creative had to be replaced entirely.


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