Innovative Campaigns We Love: JD Central’s Valentine’s Campaign Let People Send Targeted Ads as Gift Hints


JD Central, a leading e-Commerce brand in Thailand ran an innovative and brilliantly creative campaign for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a very profitable season for the e-Commerce industry. JD Central saw an opportunity to increase sales on an already booming season and decided to leverage on it.  JD Central launched Valentine’s Day campaign that let people send targeted ads as gift hints to their partners. The campaign helped people to buy the right gifts for their partners on Valentine’s Day.

Innovative Campaigns We Love: JD Central’s Valentine’s Campaign Let People Send Targeted Ads as Gift Hints

What Inspired the JD Central Valentine’s Day Campaign

Though data shows that Valentine’s Day is very profitable for the e-Commerce industry, it also shows that people especially girlfriends weren’t getting the presents they wanted. According to market research, politeness meant that many girlfriends were not getting the present they wanted. This led to a lot of them getting the wrong gifts. JD Central decided to solve this problem with their valentine’s campaign. Together with their creative agency, they decided to create a way for boyfriends to buy the perfect present.

About the JD Central Campaign

The JD Central Valentine’s Day campaign was created with BBDO Bangkok. The campaign let people drop hints about the gifts they wanted to their partners through a chatbot. The chatbot then sent targeted ads to their partners. JD Central’s campaign first targeted girls, they recruited them into the system. They sent ads that directed the girls to a Chabot, the chatbot then asked them a set of questions around the gifts they really wanted. It then asked for their boyfriend’s phone number and a nickname their boyfriend would recognize.

Ads when then sent targeting their boyfriends online, their nicknames were used to grab the boyfriend’s attention. Once they clicked ad, they were led to the exact item their girlfriends wanted and were able to buy them in time for Valentine’s Day. The e-commerce brand also used Facebook advertising to catch the attention of the boyfriends. The campaign led to a 314% increase in online engagement for the brand. It also led to a 17% increase in sales.

The brand’s Chief marketing Officer Rvisra Chirathivat spoke about the campaign. She stated that the campaign showed how they can take online shopping to the next level. She also stated that the campaign was Valentine’s gift for their customers.

Video of JD CENTRAL Targeted Gift



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