Innovations We Love: Say Hello to the Future of Brushing with Spyt


If someone asked you what the future of brushing or dental hygiene looked like, you would probably not have an answer or you might say a dental robot that brushes your teeth while you do nothing. Well Hello Products, one of the fastest growing oral care brands in the US has seen a possible future for brushing. They have launched their latest innovation/ service around the future they have seen for brushing.

Hello Products launched an on-demand mobile service that delivers “everything including the bathroom sink” to busy brushers on the go. The service is called Spyt and with Spyt you don’t have to wait till you get home to freshen you breathe and take care of your teeth. You can take care of your dental hygiene from anywhere you are with the service.

Innovations We Love: Say Hello to the Future of Brushing with Spyt

About Spyt

Spyt( pronounced ‘spit’) is a service that brings you everything you need to brush your teeth on the go. The service features a fully-functional sink mounted to the back of a proprietary electric scooter.  The electric scooter is fully stocked with naturally friendly Hello toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and floss.  Some of Hello’s natural ingredients include farm-grown mint, activated charcoal, tea tree oil and aloe vera.  Anytime you feel the need to freshen up your breath, simply call Spyt and it would come to you. It is basically an Uber for dental care.

Spyt’s Future of Brushing Campaign

To help promote the service, Hello partnered with Humanaut to launch a campaign and a stunt. The stunt which debuted last week was for influencers, employees and currents fans of the product. The campaign ran in New York City and was by invite-only. Apart from the spots, an out-of-home campaign for the brand, mostly with subway ads was also released. Digital ads are also appearing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Hulu. According to reports, they plan to bring the whole Spyt experience to different cities and festival destinations through the summer.

Video of Future of brushing


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