Infographic: What (and Who) Influences Women to Consider New Products


According to Nielsen, women consume dozens of hours of media a week. Within that consumption come ads, so the research firm also looked at how ads influence women to try new products in a disparate age of brand disloyalty. Data shows women are really looking for proven value, and are likely to be heavily influenced through recommendations of friends and family. Media that may sway women’s minds include billboards (27%) or social networks (22%).

But advertising is still falling flat with women. Laura McCullough, EVP of U.S. manufacturer client success for Nielsen, describes many changes over the last 40 years.

“Women today are more empowered than ever to ask for what they need, to demand change or create it,” McCullough said. “As the pace of daily life has accelerated, women are looking for companies and brands that help them get more done in less time. They crave products and services that simplify their lives, and they want to buy them from companies that actually support their values.”

Her advice? Be bold.

Source: Ad Week


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