Impact of the Gillette Ad on the Brand According to Data


Gillette recently released an ad titled “The Best Men Can Be”, the ad focused on the culture of toxic masculinity.  It offered a perspective on what modern day masculinity should look like. To learn more about the ad you can read our article on the ad. The Gillette ad generated a lot of controversies, it received a lot of strong reactions from consumers. The ad didn’t sit well with some consumers, many threatened to stop using the brand’s products. Some consumers praised the brand for the ad. This post is going to discuss the effect of the Gillette Ad on the brand, we would be at some data to see how much the brand was impacted.

Impact of the Gillette Ad on the Brand According to Data

Most Consumers Liked the Gillette Ad

According to morning consult, when people were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 on how positively the felt about the ad, with 10 being very positive. According to the results, 61 per cent rated the Gillette ad high (7-10) while 23 per cent felt more neutral (4-6) and 17 per cent rated the ad low (0-3). Based on the data it is safe to say, that overall the ad was liked which is great for the brand considering the backlash they received.

The Gillette Ad Positioned the Brand as a Socially Responsible Brand, with Values that are Similar to its Consumers.

According to Morning consult, before the spot was released, 42 per cent of consumers believed that Gillette shares their values. After the release of the ad, the figure became 72 per cent. Also, 45 per cent of consumers thought the brand was socially responsible before the spot. Now the figure has jumped to 72 per cent, this is also good for the brand. According to polls, more consumers want brands to take a stand on some issues.

The Spot was a Huge Hit with Women

According to Morning consult, 64% of women liked the spot as opposed to 57% of men who equally liked it. With the Gillette ad, Gillette has been able to tap into the viable female market. The conversation about shaving, in general, is dominated by women. With the spot, Gillette has been able to positively engage women which they haven’t done previously seeing as the conversation about Gillette in the past has been dominated by men.

The Spot had Little Effect on Sales

According to Morning Consult, before the spot,69% of consumers will consider buying Gillette products. After the spot, the figure dipped to 65%, however, the dip is within the bounds of normal purchasing considerations.


Based on the data, the spot was a major win for the brand. It might have had little impact on sales but it has been able to positively engage new audiences in a new way. The ad also elevated the brand’s image, now consumers view the brand as a more socially responsible brand with strong values.


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