Ikea Teams with National Geographic on New Campaign


Ikea doesn’t just want to be known as just a furniture company, they are trying to stand out and be more. With their latest campaign, the brand wants to be known as the sleep experts. In their bid to be known as the sleep experts, the brand has teamed up with National Geographic on a series of films called ‘Bedroom Habits.’ Bedroom Habits is part of the brands latest campaign to combat decreasing sleep levels in the world.

Ikea Teams with National Geographic on New Campaign

About Ikea and National Geographic’s Bedroom Habits Campaign

The campaign features a series of faux-nature videos. Each video tries to capture and document the human species in one of the most challenging habitats (the bedroom). The short films are very versatile, they cover everything from a small mattress to the threat of clutter. Ikea’s new campaign was created by National Geographic with Wavemaker. The whole campaign features 4 short films which highlight different people with varying sleep challenges.

The whole campaign/series will be hosted on a dedicated National Geographic Bedroom Habitats microsite. National Geographic’s bedroom habitats microsite will also feature sleep challenges and shoppable solutions. All the information and videos featured in the microsite will also be available on National Geographic Instagram stories and its Facebook page. Ikea also plans to promote the series with paid social and display units. This campaign is part of a year-long campaign by Ikea to combat decreasing sleep levels in today’s society. With the campaigns, Ikea is trying to position its self as the brand that is creating hope for the future of sleep.

About the Films Featured in the Bedroom Habits Campaign

Like it said earlier, there are four films featured in the series. In the first film which is titled ‘Small Bed Battle,’ we see a couple fight for space in their small bed. The narrator gives his narration in nature documentary-style as we see the couple struggle for the bed. At the end of the ad, we see the couple sort out the issue by going to Ikea to get comfortable furniture.

In another ad titled ‘Save Our Sleep,’ we see the same nature documentary-style narration. The film highlights the issue that one-in-three Americans don’t get enough sleep. Ikea is then offered up as the sleep hero.

In another film titled ‘Planet Sleep’, we see how a comfortable bedroom sanctuary can help save endangered sleep. Endangered sleep can be saved through the implementation of simple and affordable sleep solutions. The film starts with tired people in stressed-out urban lifestyles. These people only become happy as they realize that Ikea is the solution to their sleep problems.



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