Ikea Campaign Aims to Awaken People to the Value of Sleep


Ikea recently launched a new integrated campaign, the campaign aims to awaken people to the value of sleep. The Ikea campaign wants to encourage people to sleep better and for longer. The furniture company launched a spot titled to “The Night Club” to help drive home the purpose of the campaign. The new Ikea Campaign was created by Mother and was directed by Juan Cabral through MJZ.

About the Ikea Campaign: The Night Club

The Ikea campaign “the Night Club” reviews the nightlife and the value of sleep. The ad opens with a group of friends who are driving at night. They are dressed in nightwear from head to toe, they then arrive at the nightclub.  Everyone on the line is dressed similarly to them, they then pass a food truck. The food truck serves bowls of Cheerios and toast kebabs. The eventually gain entry into the nightclub, the club isn’t a typical club.

The whole club is covered with neatly arranged and beautiful Ikea beds. The whole scene looks like a large scale slumber party, with everyone getting ready for bed. In the Ikea Campaign, bartenders can be seen serving hot herbal teas. The ad ends with the guest tucked in ready to drift off. A Sheep appears on the balcony bursting in to shower glitter confetti. At the end of the ad, even the Bouncers have nodded off under a neon sign. The neon sign reads “Tonight is to sleep”. The Ikea campaign will launch on broadcast TVC, cinema and digital media across the UK from today) and Ireland). The multichannel campaign is supported across paid and earned channels by PR and CRM

Why Ikea Wants to Awaken People to the Value of Sleep

The idea for the Ikea campaign came after the came across research that 63% of people felt unhappy with the amount of sleep they were getting. After seeing these figures, Ikea became inspired and made it their mission to awaken people to the value of sleep. They are partnering with DrGuy Meadows, co-founder of The Sleep School. They compiled a list of key insights and expertise that will help people sleep better. The insights and expertise have been integrated into the Ikea website ‘The Ikea Sleep Hub.’ As part of the Ikea Campaign, they have organized a series of in-store workshops and events that will focus on the insight that sleep is a truly individual experience entirely unique to a person.

Ikea UK and Ireland Marketing Manager Laurent Tiersen spoke about the new campaign. She spoke about how the pressures of modern living place great focus on our waking lives. Tiersen spoke about how we often neglect the importance of a good night’s sleep. She mentioned how the lack of a good night’s sleep adversely affects our physical and emotional daily lives. The aim of the new Ikea campaign is to change the way we prioritize the importance of getting a good night’s rest.



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