Idris Elba Wants You to ‘Summer Like You’re On Vacation’ With Stella Artois


Idris Elba is the star of Stella Artois latest summer campaign. He stars in an ad titled ‘Summer Like You’re On Vacation’. In the ad, he tries to encourage consumers to incorporate the vacation mentality into your daily summer life while enjoying a Stella Artois.

Idris Elba Wants You to ‘Summer Like You’re On Vacation’ With Stella Artois

About Idris Elba and Stella Artois’s ‘Summer Like You’re On Vacation’ Campaign

The TV spot for the campaign was created by VaynerMedia and directed by Henry Scholfield.  It was creatively directed and stars Idris Elba and one of his never-before streamed track is also featured in the ad.  In the ad, Idris Elba shows viewers how to make the most of summer days, noting that all it takes is a fresh perspective. He says “Vacation isn’t about where you are, it’s about how you see things”. As he says that he hits a golf ball from a New York rooftop to a bucket on another building. He then leans into Photobomb a selfie while stating that people don’t need to wait for a vacation on the French Riviera when they can party on the ‘Hudson Riviera’.

He then says “You just have to make home the place you want to write home about”. All the shots feature someone or Idris Elba himself drinking or holding Stella. The TV campaign is part of the brand’s larger summer campaign, which kicked off with a Red Stella Cup plastic chalice launch. According to the brand, the Campaign is about putting Stella into real-life scenarios that resonate in the US, taking a more localized approach.

Video of Summer Like You’re On Vacation

More Details on the Campaign

Asides the TV spot, the campaign will also feature a custom out-of-home (OOH) campaign. The OOH campaign will encourage people to change their perspective on their hometown this summer. For example, the custom OOH for NYC asks for people not to think of it as New York, but ‘Isla Del Manhattan’. For Miami, it’s ‘Cote de 305’ and for Philadelphia, it’s ‘Vista Del-Phia’.  The brand is also taking the campaign to social media. They will be releasing a series of videos that aim to challenge consumer’s idea of “vacation”. They would do this through scenarios that aren’t always what they seem. The hashtag the #SummerLikeVacation will also be attached to the campaign.

The 30- and 15-second spots will be broadcast nationally through the end of summer 2019. It will also be broadcasted on digital and social platforms that appeal to the brand’s key consumer passion points of food, entertainment and lifestyle.

Stella Artois Speaks on the Campaign

Peter Van Overstraeten, vice-president, premium and super-premium brands at Anheuser-Busch spoke about the campaign. He talked about how Summer equals vacation and vacation means that you splurge on that better drink,  that nice restaurant and nice things in general. He then explains that vacations are never as long as we’d like them to be. The brand is using this campaign to inspire consumers to trade up to their premium European lager and embrace that vacation state of mind, all summer long.


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