How to Use Google Drive: Your Go to Guide


This article on Google Drive will be guiding you through the steps on How to Use Google Drive. Let’s start with explaining what exactly Google Drive is and what it does.

Google Drive Online: Everything You Need to Know

A Google Drive is a file storage and file synchronization tool that is created and developed by the American search giant, Google. It was released for general availability on April 12th 2012. This Drive allows its users to store documents and files on the Google servers, sync these files, and also share or transfer these files to other locations. This Drive is therefore known as a storage device and it lets you access the files you have stored through your computer or mobile phone.

Advantages of Using the Google Drive

Google Drive is a free storage service that allows you to save files and documents, videos, images, and it also serves as a back-up for your entire computer system. All the files you store on this Drive tool are saved on Google’s servers and you can get your files from there whenever you are in need of them. It also hlp make sure that your files are safe and secure even when your computer is not working. Here are some of the services advantages:

  1. Send and transfer documents to your friends and family, your clients and colleagues

If you have got a Gmail account (Google account), then using this service is inevitable. It lets you share and send files and documents of all sizes to your friends and contacts on your email account.

  • It possesses an efficient search engine that allows you to easily search for items and contents on the internet. Using this service, you could choose to search for items without typing a keyword in the search box. You could use videos and images too!
  • It has the functionality to recognize contents of any image.
  • You can view and edit the files you have saved.
  • It has the functionality to capture characters optically and help you find or interpret the words or items you search for on the internet.
  • It serves as a backup for your important files and documents

Do you have company files in your possession that you would not afford losing, or perhaps you have photos of you and your family on a vacation that is so precious to you? Then using this tool is just the perfect suggestion.

How  to Use Google Drive

Now you know what a Google Drive is, what it is used for and the advantages behind the service, let us quickly move to the part on How to Use Google Drive.

  1. How to upload files on your Drive
  2. Go to your gallery and open the file you want to upload, click on the share button and select “save to drive”.
  3. Tap on “allow”, and add a title to the file and click on “save”.
  4. How to access and view your files on your Drive
  5. Just open the drive site or app and you will see “my drive”, in here contains all your files and documents. Just click on the file you want to view.
  6. How to upload files from your computer to your Drive
  7. Open the drive website, go to
  8. Click on “new”.
  9. Click on “file upload”/
  10. Select the file you would like to upload and click on “open”.
  11. Once the file has been uploaded, you will receive a notification.
  12. How to share files
  13. Open the drive app, and click on three vertical dots.
  14. Open the file you want share and click on “send a file”.
  15. You will see a list of methods on how you want to share the files, make your choice.
  16. How to delete files
  17. Open your drive app and click on the three vertical dots.
  18. Open the file you would like to delete and click on “remove”.


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