How to do Brand Purpose Right by Kristen Ludwig


The topic of brand purpose has never been hotter. Brand purpose is so hot now because there is a rise in conscientious consumers. Millennials and Gen Zs now want to be associated with brands which share the same values as they do. Millennials and Gen Zs are now associating with brands that create genuine connections with them. Brands are now looking for ways to create a connection that goes beyond price points and packaging. Brand purpose is a good way brand are connecting with this generation of consumers. On this post we would be talking about brand purpose 101, we would be sharing advice from Kristen Ludwig on how to do brand purpose right.

How to do Brand Purpose Right by Kristen Ludwig

Let’s start with defining what brand purpose is. Brand purpose is simply the “why” behind your business and it has to extend beyond making profits. It is the reason for the brand to exist beyond making money. It is the idealistic view of what you want to become to your consumers. Brand purpose has immense potential and power, it has the power to energize a brand’s consumers, ignite passion in its employees and drive growth that impresses investors has never been clearer. Knowing all this, you can see why brand purpose is important. So let’s hear from the Kristen Ludwig on how to brand purpose right.

Do it authentically

Kristen Ludwig says brands should do brand purpose authentically because consumers can tell the difference. She says that you should only do it if you believe in the purpose and making the world a better place. If you don’t then don’t it because it would backfire. Ludwig also advices that if you are honestly passionate about a purpose but don’t know how to put it into words. You should take a step back and take some time to discover and clarify internally, before moving forward.

Aspire to inspire

Ludwig talks about how passion and drive are contagious. She stated that you have to inspire people to be a part of what you are doing. According to her, once you operate from a place of genuine impassioned purpose, and people believe in it, they will be your brand advocates and share the message for you.


Kristen Ludwig also advised brands not to try to be everything to everybody all the time. She says brands shouldn’t worry about pleasing everyone. According to her, your unique message and mission can become diluted if you do that. She advises that you just focus your purpose on one message, one cause, one effort.

Do better

Kristen Ludwig states that aesthetic, tone and voice are important to brand purpose.

We are all human

She says that brand should remember that consumers are people, not statistics, dollar signs and ‘consumers’. Ludwig says that if you put yourself out there from a place of authenticity, chances are there will be people out there who personally align and connect with your purpose and want to support it.

Kirsten Ludwig is the president and founder of In Good Co (Los Angeles).

Source: Forbes


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