How to Change the Language in Microsoft Word


When you are typing in a different language, you might want to change Word’s interface to match the language. Word allows you to change the editing language, proofing tools and even the user interface. On this post, we would be talking about how to change the language in Microsoft Word.

How to Change the Language in Microsoft Word

How to Change the Language in Microsoft Word: Adding Language Packs for Office

The first step of changing the language in Microsoft Word is to add a language accessory pack for the language you wish to use. The language packs are free and are available for 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. When you are trying to select the language accessory pack, you have to select the version of Office that you are currently using.

  1. Install the language accessory pack.
  2. Select the desired language.
  3. Choose the download respective to the architecture you’re running on Windows.
  4. You’ll be asked to select the location for the application download. Do that and then save. Next, find and open the application. Office will then guide you through the installation process.

How to Change the Language in Microsoft Word: Setting the Editing and Proofing Language

  1. In the list of available languages in the “Choose Editing Languages” section, pick your desired language. Then, select the “Set as Default” button on the right. A message will then appear letting you know that you have chosen editing language will start to take effect the next time you launch Office. It will also warn you that some of your settings might change. If you’re ok to move forward, select “Yes.”
  2. That’s how to set up the editing and proofing language. If, however, the language says “Not Enabled” under “Keyboard Layout,” click the link and follow the instruction for adding the language pack.

How to Change the Language in Microsoft Word: Setting the Display and Help Languages

  1. Another thing you need to do is to change the UI language of Word. Doing this will change the buttons, menus, controls, and help notifications.
  2. You will be working on the “Word Options” window. Find the “Choose Display Language” section. You’ll see two separate menus here: “Display Language” and “Help Language.” Select the desired language for both. You’ll also need to select “Set as Default” for both. Once you’re finished, click “OK.”
  3. You’ll now be prompted to restart Office. This is necessary for the new language to take effect.
  4. Close and reopen Word to make sure it’s working correctly.


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