How to Build the Right Corporate Culture


Your corporate culture is a reflection of what your company stands for and it plays a huge role in your company’s success. It also affects employee retention and employee happiness. People are no longer interested in a fat paycheck, they now seek a positive work environment that aligns with their personal values. Building the right company culture is very difficult and it takes a lot of dedication and man-hours. As an employer, you might be wondering exactly where to start from when building your company culture. This post is going to highlight some effective steps to take when building a corporate culture:

What is Corporate Culture and Why is Important

Define it

The first step in building the right company culture is to define it, you need to answer some foundational questions about your business. You need to define what your company’s values, mission and vision are. Some of the questions you should answer are:

  • Why does my business exist?
  • What do we believe in?How to Build the Right Corporate Culture
  • What does the organization want to be known for?
  • How do we plan to accomplish our vision?

Answering these questions are very crucial to building your corporate culture, you can’t build something you haven’t seen the blueprints to. The answer to all these questions will come together to define your corporate culture

Live it

Once your corporate culture has been defined, the next step is to start to put them into action. Create a plan or list on how you can change the way things are done to align with your new culture. This list or plan should be communicated and shared with your employees especially senior level staff. It is crucial that the senior level staff are actually seen living the company culture to ensure a domino effect is created. Everybody needs to take responsibility to personally live the culture that you want to create. The culture should act as a guide or manual for decision making, it should be mirrored in your company’s day to day activities and communications. You should also ensure that no compromises are made, especially during difficult times. It’s easier to build a culture when everything is going well but strong cultures are partially built by what happens during hard times.

Measure It

Building a corporate culture is something you need to continually nurture. You must be willing to regularly measure how effective your company culture is, you should evaluate if you are successful making it a reality. You should also create opportunities for your employees to evaluate the culture and how it aligns with day to day activities. You can give regular surveys to your employees to get their opinion on how effective the corporate culture.

Reward It

It is very important that your reward employees who are actually “living” the company’s culture. It encourages other employees to follow suit and makes the employee feel good. There are so many ways to reward your employees, you can give bonuses, you can create peer-voting opportunities that give employees the opportunity to nominate co-workers for successfully living the culture, and you can reward them with written recognition in newsletters or on the website


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