How to Add and Remove Google Sheets Add-ons


Google Sheets add-ons work very similarly to browser extensions. They are basically third-party apps you can install to Google Sheets to gain additional features. There are different types of Google Sheets Add-ons, some help with productivity while others have more extensive capabilities. On this post on Google Sheets Add-ons, we would discuss how to add and remove these add-ons to your Google Sheets.

How to Add and Remove Google Sheets Add-ons

How to Install Google Sheets Add-ons

  1. To get an add-on, open a new or existing file in Google Sheets, then click “Add-ons,” and then click “Get add-ons.”
  2. Browse through the list of all the add-ons by using the drop-down menu to sort by category or search using the search bar. After you have found the Google Sheets Add-ons you are looking for, Click the “Free” button to install the add-on. If the add-on is a paid one, then the button will show the purchase price.
  3. After installing the Add-on, you will need to grant some specific permissions. This is very crucial to allowing the add-on to operate or function correctly. Please ensure that you truly understand the permissions you are giving the add-on. Also please ensure that you trust the developer before you install the add-on
  4. Click “Allow.”
  5. Once you are done installing the Add-on and have granted it all the necessary permissions, click on “Add-ons,” search for the add-on you want to use and then click either “Start” or “Open.” This will launch the add-on or docks the sidebar to your window.

How to Remove Google Sheets an Add-Ons

Sometimes you might need to remove an add-on because you don’t need it any longer. Well, it is very easy to remove the add-ons from your Google Sheets. Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. From the Google Sheet document, click “Add-ons,” then click “Manage Add-ons.”
  2. A window will pop up, in the window, scroll down to the add-on you’d like to remove, click the green “Manage” button, and then click “Remove.”
  3. The selected add-on is removed, and the manage button is now replaced with the blue “Free” install button.



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