How Social Media Can Elevate Your Brand


Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team will be talking about how social media can elevate your brand. They will touch on how you can use social media to grow your brand.


Christiana: Hello…welcome to Sekere News, my name is Christina and I’ll be your host for today. My guest today is Semira and she will be talking about social media: how it can elevate your brand. So Semira, can you start us off with telling us about why it’s important for a brand to have a social media presence.

Semira: Thank you for having me.

Christiana: You are welcome

Semira: First of all I will say, it’s very important for any business whether small, big, brick-and-mortar, digital business, e-commerce site whatever business it is you’re doing. I think it’s very important that you have a social media presence. You may not necessarily be selling your product on social media, but it might just be for instance…

Let’s say you’re a medical doctor and you have a hospital, a practice and then you want to put out basically tips for your potential clients.

It just gives your business that extra credibility (1)

(2) It allows your customers to connect with you even potential customers and existing customers as well visit. There’s a medium where they can connect with you, rather than actually having to come to your business all the time. And then, if you are actually selling a product or a service, with social media advertising now, you can actually reach a number of people for a very tiny budget. I think is actually very cost-effective in comparison to any other advertising medium to showcase your business and products and accessories. So it’s very ideal… Okay….So I think that sums it up for why it is necessary to have social media for any business.

Christiana: Okay. So what platforms do you think? Cause we have different platforms, we have Pinterest, we have Facebook, we have Instagram. What platform do you think is very necessary for every brand? Like if you don’t want to be on all platforms which one should you just be on?

Semira: I will say you can’t say that there’s a one model for every business. I think it really depends on your business. So if you are into, for instance, let’s say you’re doing Graphics design or you are in the creative industry. I’ll say Instagram is great for one reason because you can actually have all your images collected there. But you should have a Tumblr account and you can also have a Pinterest account now.

You’re going to say maybe like an NGO for instance, you want to have a Facebook account. Because you know with Facebook, you can create communities, Facebook is actually really cheap for advertising and with Facebook communities, and you can have people actually interacting on the communities. You can do so many things on your Facebook communities. I feel like if you’re trying to do like an NGO or you are trying to champion a cause basically, I think Facebook would be ideal for you.

And with certain business… With social media, you don’t want to have all the accounts,  you should have enough but if you know you’re a one-man business you’re going to manage your accounts, manage your business as well. Then you should also consider the fact that okay…Where do I see my strength? If I’m going to try to reach people with… Let’s say I’m selling a product like children’s clothes. I will want to do an Instagram account… why? Because people can always go to my page with a nice layout. They see all the products in once space and they can easily buy. Twitter would not necessarily be good for you because it’s more for conversations and for getting people’s opinion on something but if you’re selling a product, I will say do Instagram, do to Facebook for yourself, obviously, that definitely works for you.

And another thing is you might want to…people would we should secure all the handles because you don’t want people to steal your hands and start using it for funny stuff. That will come up but I think, its most important that you have the handle you’re actually using and the accounts they are actually going to work with and then just stick to that and make sure you’re doing a good job on those social media pages, platforms rather.

Christiana: Okay… So what tips would you give small business owners who want to be… What are some essential tips or things they should be doing on social media so that their brands can be elevated?

Semira:  I think the top of my mind you should always be consistent. So if you’re going to say I’m going to do three posts a day, its great for you. But if you know, you’re not going to have that time to do three posts a day, then don’t overstretch yourself. You say “Okay, I’m doing one post daily” consistency is very important. With Instagram and its constantly changing algorithms of you’re not posting frequently enough if you are posting spammy stuff, your stuff is not great. If your content is not good, if your things are spammy, Instagram starts to push your content, your own posts down to the bottom of people’s feeds. So people don’t really see you as often and another thing is, if you are not engaging, if you’re only just posting things on your social media accounts and you are not engaging with other people, you are not liking people stuff, then Instagram is going to say this person is not taking this seriously and I’m going to push it to the bottom of the feed as well. So that is also important: engagements, consistency with you posting.

I think with every brand. You also need to have a nice look and feel, so for your Facebook page, you should have a nice Banner at your top of your page. People should come to your page and easily see all the information. So your look and feel is very important. I think your social media accounts can easily be like a website for you. So you should easily see your opening hours if you have a brick and mortar business, your website, if you have a link to your website and what services you offer as a first mount on your social media pages.  I think your look and feel and all the information of your social media account should be easy to discover. So I think those are like three things are very paramount for any business that is going use social media to grow their business. Ultimately.

Christiana: Okay… You talked about engagements. You see some brands… I don’t know what you would advise… Should Brands be more professional?  Should they be more you know interested in pop culture? You will see some brands commenting on and pop culture issues. Like Burger King,  Wendy’s are very popular for getting into spats on social media. What would you advise for brands to be more professional or should they, you know have that fun, creative… Like, what do you think they should do?

Semira; Like I said again, there’s no general rule. I think if you have identified that look on social media, I’m going to be this witty, smart-talking person on social media. Our brand is this person, we want to position ourselves as that personality on social media.  Then yes…you can go ahead with that but you need to be careful of this kind of things because ultimately you can get backlash for certain things that you will say. I’m thinking of something that will come on top of my head nothing is coming to me right now. But I’m sure there’s so many times brands will go and say and they would have some serious backlash for it. On the reverse side, people are seeing… you’re becoming popular because people actually talking about you. You’re trending on social media, but it can be dangerous because people can now say because of this certain thing you have said, we’re going to boycott your brand and that one statement you made is literally affecting your entire business. So you need to be careful on that, I’m not opposed to you being witty or talking smart on social media for certain brands. If it fits your business language, if it fits your business personality, you can do that but I think some certain businesses can’t go ahead and do things like that. So you have a medical business… I follow Healthline, this health magazine…right? So they don’t necessarily talk trash about people but there’s a little bit of humour in their content. So when they are writing copies, there’s some humour and they throw like fun facts about things but it’s still health-related, but it’s actually a little bit less serious rights. So I think you need to be careful. You need to define what your personality should be on social media and then stick to that because you don’t want to be inconsistent. Nobody likes inconsistency… So get that rights, get that straight and then start using social media for that.

Christiana: Okay. I am really talking about small businesses now. Do you think small businesses should get digital marketers like people who actually professionals because most of them don’t have the budget to get these people. Everybody wants to get the best or do you think it’s something they can handle on their own? What would you advise?

Semira: Wow. Okay. So if you’re a one-man business if you’re a two-man business, right and then your work is not…  There are so many resources out there now. I think an individual if you are dedicated to it and you say to yourself, look social media is going to be my primary means of marketing and I don’t have any other funds for marketing my business but social media and then you’re committed. There are so many resources, there’s Hootsuite, there’s one at the top of my head that’s very good. I think its social media examiner. They literally give you anything social media related, how to grow a business on your own. You can literally become a guru on social media. So basically what I’m saying, in essence, is that there are so many resources on the internet for you to actually grow your business by yourself without hiring external people to manage your social media account. If you have the budget for it, great, let them do the management, but you should also be given as much impute into the social media management and also you should also be able to track that they are actually giving you results for that.

So you can actually have some small businesses that have the funds to hire someone because they just don’t have the time for that. I think it’s a good idea if you know you don’t have the time because at the end of the day you want to make sure that you’re getting the results. So you should also make sure that you’re getting qualified leads not just about followers and likes because these things can be bought these days but you should know if you’re targeting if one of you measurements matrix is going to be leads. You should make sure that these people that I’m managing your accounts for you are giving those qualified leads that I can actually help you get business. So I think you can do yourself. It’s not a bad idea. But if you don’t have the budget,  if you don’t have the time for it, but you have the money for it, Get it definitely. Not everyone is expensive. If you go to an individual who’s just passionate about social media he can do it for you at a cheaper cost.

Christiana: All right. Thank you. Do you have any last words about social media and how it can elevate your brand.

Semira: Last words will be you know what do it. Even if you’re not ready yet just start doing it. Read a lot of resources online and grow your business. Social media is the new in-thing. So, yes, please do it’s for everyone.

Christiana: All right. Thank you so much so much for coming in and thank you for sharing your insights with us. I want to thank our listeners for listening. If you have any comments if you want to ask questions if you want to ask Semira any personal questions. You can leave a comment below. Thank you.


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