How much do Internet Users Actually Trust Influencers? UM Answers the Question in their Latest Wave 9 Study


UM (Universal McCann)the global advertising and media agency recently conducted its annual Wave 9 Study. This is the 10th Wave 9 Study the advertising agency would be conducting. For the study, UM tracked down over 56,000 active internet users across 81 countries. They asked them some questions to evaluate trust in social media and the internet as a whole. On this post, we would be discussing some of the results. From these results, we would be able to determine just how much internet users actually trust influencers.

How much do Internet Users Actually Trust Influencers? UM Answers the Question in their Latest Wave 9 Study

Results from UM’s Annual Wave 9 Study for 2019

According to UM’s annual wave 9 Study for 2019 the following information was gotten:

  • Only 8% of internet users believe that the information shared on social media is true.
  • According to the stats, 4% of global internet users believe information that comes from influencers.
  • 12% of people globally believe information that comes from government. This means that the world populations trust governments more than they trust influencers.
  • They found that users in the UK and US are more cynical than other people in the world about influencers because all these numbers fell by 8 % and 6% in those regions respectively.
  • In UM’s study, they found out that less than half (36%) of Brits specifically trust influencers opinions on products and services. Trust for these kinds of recommendations was slightly higher globally, at 42%.
  • It was also revealed by the study that just 44% of Brits and 47% of global consumers said they were influenced by opinions shared online, a drop from last year’s UK figure of 46%, and globally tally of 54%.
  • The study also showed that 46% of people were worried about missing out if they didn’t visit their social networks. This is a drop from last year’s figures which were 50%.
  • People in the study were asked which platforms they believe was a ‘great place for someone like me.’ Netflix was at the top of the list, with 28% of users choosing Netflix. YouTube and Spotify came in second and third respectively with 27% each. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all ranked outside the top five.

Important Insights to be Gained from the Study

  • According to the results practically the whole global population lack trust in influencers with only 4% of user trusting their opinions.
  • The results also released that more and more people were losing interest in social media. Based on the results fewer people are feeling tied to social media.
  • Non-interactive sites like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify are becoming more popular than social media platform.

Based on the results and insights, advertisers can see that influencer marketing isn’t the most effective marketing tool. They can also see that engaging customers on non-interactive sites can just be as important as engaging customers on social media.



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