How 46-Person Agency David Miami Created the Top 3 Super Bowl Ads of 2019


Super Bowl is one of the biggest advertising events of every year, brands want to entertain their consumers and creative agencies are tasked with helping brands achieve this. Getting to work on a Super Bowl ad is a major achievement for any creative agency. When an agency is able to work on 3 of them, they are like creative veterans with an amazing portfolio. David Miami has reached something greater than Creative Veteran level because they have not only worked on more than two Super Bowl Ads.

The agency was tasked with the creating 3 Super Bowl ads for the same game.  This doesn’t happen often and David Miami didn’t disappoint. The 3 spots were a hit and this extra impressive because they were able to achieve this with just 46 employees. We are going to discuss how they were able to achieve this according to an Ad week Interview.

About David Miami

David Miami is a part of the David agency which was founded in 2011. It is a creative agency that was born in the legacy of David Oligvy. Their notable clients include Burger King, Budweiser and Coca Cola. The brand has won numerous awards like Clio Award for Innovation, D & AD Award etc.

David Miami and Super Bowl 2019

This year David Miami’s was tasked with creating spots for Budweiser, Kraft-Heinz food brand Devour and Burger King. Like it was said earlier, they didn’t disappoint.  Their spot for Budweiser about the brand’s commitment to renewable energy is currently this year’s most watched Super Bowl spot that was released early on YouTube while the uncensored version of Devour’s spot is number 2. Burger King’s Super Bowl ad was one of the most talked about ad of the Super Bowl. The spot was a major hit among viewers and was praised for its ingenuity.

The Video of Budweiser | Wind Never Felt Better | 2019 Super Bowl Commercial
Video of DEVOUR Uncensored Frozen Food Super Bowl 
Video of #EatLikeAndy The Whole Whopper 

How David Miami was Able to accomplish this Amazing Feat

Speaking to Ad Week, David Miami was able to highlight some of the things that helped them achieve all these amazing feats from the early stage to the late stages. Here are some of the things the agency highlighted:

True Collaboration Across Departments

According to the agency, the creative briefs were opened to everyone in the creative department and other departments. Every member of the 46 employee agency company was encouraged to contribute to the creative process. No special team was created to handle it.


Another factor David Miami pointed out as a reason for their success was the diversity of their 46 employee agency. According to the agency, not being burdened with a homogeneous staff helps them spark a range of ideas in a relatively short time. The agency says their cultural diversity gives them a creative power that allows them to come up with ideas that tap into cultural moments.

Constant Contact

David Miami also said that staying in constant contact also helped them. They used digitals tools and they encouraged face to face communication to help stay in contact. They used tools like Whatsapp and Slack to help them stay connected. According to the agency, most of their communications happened face to face.

Horizontal Agency

The agency also attributed the fact that the agency is a horizontal agency to their success. They stated that they don’t put a lot of stock in leadership hierarchy. Each staff is empowered to approach other staff without worrying about a chain of command.

Small Agency

They also pointed out the fact that they are a small agency. They stated that being a smaller agency has helped them be more dedicated because they know no one else can solve their problems


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