Wants to Help Make Big Game Babies

779 recently announced that it will be offering 53 hotel rooms to 53 fans if their team wins the Super Bowl. On the 3rd of February 53, very excited fans will celebrate their team in a very special way courtesy of According to NFL stats, birthrate goes up in the winning states 9 months after the big game. Many believe it’s the excitement of winning the game that is responsible for this stats. wants to continue this trend by offering fans the opportunity to make these Big Game babies in a wonderful hotel room. Wants to Help Make Big Game Babies

About the Big Game Babies Campaign by

For the Big Game Babies campaign worked with Olsen Engage to develop the campaign. wants interested fans of the winning team to visit during the 24 hours following the SuperBowl.  Fans are encouraged to enter the competition for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate. The 53 winners of the Big Game Babies campaign will win the certificates and can stay in any hotel of their choice for a one night stay. The hotel booking company is encouraging the winners to book immediately while their Big Game Energy is still hot.  The Big Game Babies campaign isn’t just stopping there, has also created a Spotify playlist. The Spotify playlist which is titled “Big Game Babymaking” has 53 jams to celebrate the 53rd Big game and to continue the trend of the Big game babies. is also encouraging fans to check out their Twitter feed during the SuperBowl. Speaks on the Big Game Babies Campaign

The General Manager of in North America, Katie Junod spoke about the Big Game Babies Campaign. She stated that this is the brand’s way of getting into the big game action. Junod said that it doesn’t matter whether fans wish to grow their own team or just wish to celebrate their team with the Big Game Babies campaign, is just here to help. According to the brand, there are no expectations that a child will actually be produced by this campaign, but if any fans who participate happen to have a child in nine months. They are happy to talk to them about it. The brands representative said that the brand tries to attract that irreverent tone and this is a bold, fun, irreverent way to make people smile.

This campaign isn’t the first time a brand will encourage people to make babies. A Danish travel agency in 2014 also launched a campaign called “Do It for Denmark”. They were encouraging people to take a vacation and have babies to help raise the country’s low birth rate,


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