Tackles Travel Envy and Coins the Word ‘Hate-Like’ for Its Latest Campaign

1046 recently launched a new campaign which tackles travel envy. The new campaign which was created with the creative agency CPB features the brand’s Captain Obvious. One of the spots for the campaign even features Lil Jon. The campaign drives the message that people shouldn’t just ‘hate-like’ people travel post. Instead, it encourages them to book their own Instagram worthy trips.

About Latest Campaign

The campaign which has the tagline ‘ Be there. Do that. Get Rewarded’, was launched in US UK. With the campaign, the brand is trying to poke some fun at the social truth surrounding travel envy. They not only poke fun at it, but they also offer people a solution to their travel envy with their reward scheme. The campaign plays off the social truth that though we tap like when we see other people’s exotic and romantic travel vacations. We are secretly jealous or envious when we see the post but we still tap like. perfectly coined a word for this observation, the word is hate-like.

Each spot in the campaign encourages people to not hate-like the post but to instead seek these types of vacations for themselves. There are about 4 spots released for the campaign. In the spots we see Captain Obvious, pointing out the obvious while encouraging people to book a vacation and get rewards with In the ‘Romance’ commercial, we see a woman in a bath, she tells her unseen significant other, after viewing a romantic beach photo, that romance isn’t dead. The shot then expands and we see her SO on the toilet next to her. Captain Obvious comes into the room to also point out that romance is dead in their relationship. He then suggests they don’t just hate-like the post but they should liven things up. He suggests they take their own trip. Lil Jon is also featured in one of the spots which is also hate-like themed.

Video of #Romance
Video of #Dream and CPB Speak about the Campaign

Mike Wolfe, senior director of global creative at spoke about the campaign. He talked about how travel today happens on social media and how everyone seems to be doing it for the gram. He stated that rather than let the hate-like post get you down, with their brand you can be there.

CPB’s Quinn Katherman the creative director also spoke about the campaign. She talked about how rather than selling the idea of a vacation to people, they decided to tap into the truth of what’s keeping them from vacationing. They decided to tap into something that’s emotionally true like how miserable it is to not be on vacation. Especially when it feels like everyone in your social feed is on some amazing trip.

To help bring the hate-like campaign to life, they will be partnering with Comedy Central and the Bravo Housewives, plus social actions, content and experiences.


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