Home Depot Debuts New Tagline


Home Depot recently unveiled a new tagline. The home improvement retailer is still “doing,” but it’s “doing” a little differently. They are switching up its tagline as part of a broader marketing effort. The new tagline, “How doers get more done,” will replace the “More saving. More doing” line the retailer has used for more than a decade. The change in its tagline aims to showcase its updated digital and delivery options for modern shoppers. 

Home Depot Debuts New Tagline

Why Home Depot Changed Its Tagline

The brand has been making a lot of changes recently. Since 2017, the retailer has invested $11 billion in its operations, pumping up its delivery capabilities and buy-online-pickup-in-store offerings, and improving its mobile app, adding augmented reality and in-store product-locator maps. These enhancements are now in full effect and they want to roll out the updated tagline.

 Adolfo Villagomez, senior VP and chief marketing officer spoke about the rollout. “We believe we are ready and that’s why we are launching this new campaign,” he says. “We believe we are going above and beyond to help the customers.” The retailer has already proven its readiness. Earlier this year, its music went viral as part of a TikTok challenge. Home Depot reacted by making its well-known song available to customers by tweeting it out.

About the Campaign for the New Tagline

To help with the launch of the new tagline and to show its readiness the brand is launching a new campaign. The campaign will include a 30-second TV spot that showcases the new digital offerings, along with promotions on social media and in online channels. Lisa DeStefano, VP of brand marketing, notes the importance of keeping the idea of “doing” in the new tagline“Our purpose is to empower doers,” she says. “This grows and expands beyond more saving, more doing … Helping doers get more done is what this campaign is about.”

Home Depot worked with longtime agency partner the Richards Group on the update; the two companies have worked together for more than two decades.

Source: Adage


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