Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant: Google Pays Homage to Home Alone in New Ad


Google recently released a new ad titled Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant. This ad promotes Google assistant devices and pays homage to the 90’s movie classic Home Alone. The Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant ad stars the film’s original actor Macaulay Culkin. The ad follows a similar premise with the movie with Macaulay Culkin home alone but this time he is of Couse older. The ad was created by the agency Arts and Letters Creative Co and is a major hit among Home Alone fans (which is practically everyone)

About Home Alone

Home Alone is Christmas comedy movie which was release in 1990. The film stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, he is a 9 year old boy who was unintentionally left behind by his family. The family goes to Paris for the Christmas Holiday and forgets to take him. The story follows Kevin McCallister’s adventure at home alone as he has to fight off two burglars who try to rob the house.

About the Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant Ad

Like it was said earlier the Home Alone Again with Google Assistant Ad features the films original star Macaulay Culkin. The ad pays homage and updates the classic Christmas film. Just like the film Culkin is shown to be enjoying is time Home alone. The features a lot of eater eggs for Home Alone fans, in the ad it shown that Culkin is no longer traumatized by aftershave. We also see Culkin having fun jumping on the bed but this time he is ailed with back pain when he is done. In the Home Alone Again with Google assistant Ad, we see Culkin having fun alone with the help of various Google Assistant devices. The Google Assistant even help him get rid of the burglars. Some of the Google Assistant devices featured in the ad include Home Mini, Home Hub and Pixel smartphone.

Our Thoughts on the Home Alone Again with Google Assistant Ad

The ad is very delightful and fans of the original home alone movies will feel a strong sense of nostalgia when they watch the ad. The ad is filled with great, funny and delightful detailed callbacks to the original film and its sequels. Watching this ad will definitely put a smile on your face and have you looking to watch the beloved Christmas film again. This is very funny, witty and pleasant ad, it is definitely hit by Google.



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