Hollandia Milk Unveils New Pack Design


Hollandia Milk recently unveiled a new pack design for its evaporated milk. The new pack design is very attractive and it shows the nutritious of Hollandia Evap milk. With the new pack design, the milk brand which is one of Nigeria’s leading milk brands is trying to connect more with its consumers. They are hoping the new striking features of the pack will help them attract new consumers and connect more with old consumers.

Hollandia Milk Unveils New Pack Design

About Hollandia Milk’s New Pack Design

The milk brand changed its colours for the new pack design, it has changed the background colour from a sky blue to royal blue. The new royal blue colour signifies the brands modern and trendy values. Hollandia’s new packaging now has a lot of gold features highlighted in the pack. The gold depicts the brands premium positioning. The vibrant rising sun symbolises a new beginning and also the breakfast occasion which the brand is associated with.

On the new pack, other imagery can be seen which depict various physical activities. This was added to resonate with consumers. They are trying to resonate with customers who are keen on daily nutrition and a healthy boost of daily energy for an active lifestyle. The new pack designs come in 60g, 120g and 190g. They are available in Chi Stores, departmental stores and markets in every state of the Federation.

Chi Limited Speaks on Hollandia’s New Design

Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Mr Deepanjan Roy spoke on the new design. He started with assuring consumers that the new packaging still contains the same great tasting milk they are used to. It is still quality, it still has numerous nutritional benefits. The packaging is just trendier to move with modern trends.

According to Roy, the new pack design was done to connect the evolving active consumer lifestyle and the benefits of Hollandia Evap Milk.  He talked about how the milk is an all-rounder, creamier, tastier, and nutritious milk. The milk is for consumers desirous of a daily healthy boost of mental, physical energy for an active day.


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