Hollandia Evap Milk Inspires Consumers in New Campaign


Chi Limited’s Hollandia Evap Milk recently launched a new campaign. The campaign is called “Start Your Day Right with Hollandia Evap Milk”. The campaign is aimed at inspiring and enabling consumers to achieve their daily goals. With the campaign, the milk brand is trying to strengthen its brand positions as the all-rounder evaporated milk. It is also trying to strengthen its position as the perfect milk for a wide variety of breakfast meals, foods and drinks.

Hollandia Evap Milk Inspires Consumers in New Campaign

About the “Start Your Day Right with Hollandia Evap Milk” Campaign

The campaign cuts across multiple media platforms. It will be executed on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Digital media platforms. Hollandia is using the campaign to celebrate women, wives, mothers, fathers and other caregivers. They want to celebrate their role of taking care of and providing for their families and acknowledge their aspirations to achieve success on multiple fronts. The TV ad follows the life of celebrity mum and goal-oriented actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, and other mums.  Mercy Johnson-Okojie is the brand’s brand ambassador. This is her first campaign for the milk brand.

The ad showcases her and the other mum’s daily morning routine. We see how they prepare nourishing breakfast meals with Hollandia Evap Milk for their families. The campaign aims to highlight the satisfaction the families derive from the milk brand and how it helps them achieve their goal of keeping their families healthy, well-nourished and prepared for the long day ahead. The ad closes with Mercy Johnson-Okojie endorsing the brand as the ideal evaporated milk brand that helps consumers start their day right.

Hollandia Speaks on the Campaign

Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr Deepanjan Roy spoke about the campaign. He talked about how the campaign embodies the company’s goal. Their goal is to inspire consumers to make the right decisions daily to live healthy and happy lives.  They want their message to resonate with consumers who are desirous of using a wholesome, nutritious, and tasty milk to complement their breakfast or other meals.  According to Roy, they are confident that the campaign would enable consumers to aspire for success by starting their day right with their milk.

The Chi Limited owned brand has been very aggressive with its advertising and branding lately. They recently just rebranded their packaging. They changed their colour from sky blue to royal blue. The brand also recently announced actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie as their official brand ambassador. This campaign is their latest effort to position its brand as the all-rounder milk.


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