H&M Launches Music Partnership To Bolster Loyalty Programme


H&M, the clothing brand recently announced a music partnership. The aim of this musical partnership is to help bolster its loyalty programme. H&M is trying to build more awareness for its loyalty programme. The music partnership will see it support independent music artists and rising talent.

H&M Launches Music Partnership To Bolster Loyalty Programme

The clothing brand’s loyalty programme has numerous benefits and this music partnership is the latest benefit they are offering their customers. Through the H&M app, customers can enjoy the benefits of the loyalty programme. These benefits include exclusive discounts, rewards and access to VIP events. This music partnership which the clothing brand is calling H&M Music will sit within the brand’s membership digital loyalty program.  H&M Music will provide members with the opportunity to discover new artists and to access exclusive live events.

More on the Clothing Brand’s Music Partnership

This new music offering is a collaboration that’s developed between the clothing brand’s UK branch, the record label Awal and the live event ticketing platform, Dice. For the partnership, Awal will utilise its analytics to identify focus artists that overlap with the clothing brands audience.  Dice will be managing a series of live events, as well as experiential campaign services for the collaboration.

The English singer-songwriter Gabriella Aplin is the first artist to be presented through the scheme. Aplin has also co-designed a limited-edition collection for H&M.


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