Heinz Turns Ed Sheeran’s DM into a TV Ad


It’s not really a secret how much Ed Sheeran love Heinz Ketchup. The award-winning artist is a huge fan of the brand’s ketchup. He talks about the brands Ketchup every chance he gets. He is constantly professing his love for the condiment with his Tweets and at interviews. Ed Sheeran even has the brand’s Ketchup logo tattooed on his arm (talk about loving something). Well, Ed Sheeran has taken his love for the brand into a whole new level, he recently sent the company a message that talked about an idea for an ad.

Hienz Turns Ed Sheeran’s DM into a TV Ad

The soulful musician reached out to the brand, informing them that he had actually written an ad for his beloved condiment. He, of course, starred in the ad and his ad revolved around showing people how much he loved the condiment. He apparently loves the condiment so much that he is willing to carry it with him wherever he goes. Heinz loved the idea so much that he turned it into an actual TV commercial.

About Ed Sheeran’s Ad for Heinz Ketchup

Ed Sheeran is the star and the narrator of the ad, in the ad we see him walk into a fancy restaurant. He really stresses how fancy and posh the restaurant is in the ad.  We see the décor change and the musician change his music style from classical to jazz and back to classical to emphasize how posh the restaurant is. The waiter comes over to explain the specials which are “fancy vegetables and fancy sauces.” Sheeran then makes his order, when the meal finally comes, he notices that is perfect but is missing one special thing.

He finally realizes what it is missing and pulls a bottle of ketchup from his backpack. His action doesn’t bode well with the waiter, chef and their customers. Seeing as they all share looks of dismay and horror. Sheeran seems to be utterly unfazed by their reactions and pours the condiment all over his plate. The spot ends with the star saying “So that’s my idea. Do you wanna do it?” (They obviously do it). It ends with a shot of the bottle and the new Ed Sheeran x Heinz logo. The spot is very delightful and quite charming.

Video of Ed’s Heinz Ad

More Details about the Campaign

The campaign will be a global campaign, it will be supported by social media, TV and Print. It will also feature the Sheeran Heinz Tattoo and a special edition bottle ‘Edchup’ for fans. The musician also released an Instagram post to promote the ad. In the post, he stated  “This is pretty much what I was aiming for in life. Ketchup ad > stadium tour.”


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