Heritage Online Banking: How to Get Started


Heritage online banking as the name suggests is the bank’s online banking platform that allows you to run and manage your account with ease from the comfort of your home. The bank provides two types of online banking accounts. It is either you have an online individual account or an online business account.

Heritage Online Banking: How to Get Started

Benefits of Heritage Online Banking

The bank’s online platform provides extremely important and well-noted benefits. The benefits of this platform include:

  1. Exclusive access to view account information
  2. Ability to manage multiple accounts online
  3. Funds transfer within heritage bank as a whole
  4. Also, you can perform funds transfer across all Nigerian banks through NIBSS instant pay and quick teller
  5. Free access to pay bills whenever you feel like
  6. Unlimited access to request for debit card
  7. Cheque book request
  8. Airtime recharge
  9. Banking subscription via SMS
  10. Alert subscription via email and SMS and so much more

You can enjoy all these benefits just by banking online with heritage bank. With the bank’s great online platform, banking has never been easier.

How to Create an Online Banking Account with Heritage Financial Services

To register for heritage online banking, visit the heritage online banking application page at https://ebank.hbng.com/hibibanking/HomePages/RegisterUsersUI. On the page that just opened, you will see a form. On that form, type in your account number, account name, date of birth, email, mobile number and login name. Once you have done that, click on the agree to the terms and conditions box to verify and click on register. Immediately your account is found you will be given instructions on what to do afterwards. Once you successfully create your online banking account, all you need to do is log in and start enjoying all the benefits of banking online with heritage bank immediately.

Heritage Online Banking Login

You have successfully set up your heritage online bank account, but you still need to login to access and explore all of its benefits. To successfully log in, visit the heritage online banking login page at http://www.hbng.com/. On the page click on the individual login if that is the type of account you wish to access. You can also do the same for your business account. Type in your username and password and successfully log in.


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