Here’s the Ad Format that Accounts for Majority of Media Spend Globally According to Global Ad Trends


Warc Data, an online service dedicated to featuring current advertising benchmarks, data points and trends in media investment and usage recently released its monthly Global Ad Trends report. The Global Ad Trend report is a monthly report which draws on Warc’s dataset of advertising and media intelligence to take a holistic view on current industry developments. According to the Global Ad Trends, Internet ad formats account for the majority of media spend globally. On this post, we will discuss some of the latest findings from the Warc Data’s latest report especially its findings on Internet ad formats.

Here’s the Ad Format that Accounts for Majority of Media Spend Globally According to Global Ad Trends

Internet Ad Formats Accounts for a Majority of Media Spend Globally According to Global Ad Trends

According to Warc Data’s Global Ad Trend’s Internet ad format account for a majority of media spend globally.  For the report, Warc Data used data from its Warc’s 12 markets. These 12 markets are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US. According to the report, across these 12 markets internet is expected to account for over half of the media spend for the first time this year. Internet ad formats drew 52.7% of combined media spend within these markets.  Here are the key drivers of online growth according to Warc Data’s research. They highlighted three key trends:

Internet advertising spend has grown five times faster than traditional media

The Global Ad Trends shows that when indexed, internet ad spend will have grown five times faster than investment in non-internet media since 2010. It also revealed that media spend on internet formats has grown faster than internet users over the period. Now advertiser invests $73.91 per internet user this year, more than double the $35.43 spent per user in 2010.

Mobile is now the primary online channel

According to the report, we can see that mobile ads are expected to take a 58.8% share of all internet spend this year following rapid growth since 2010. In 2010, it only drew 2.0% of internet ad spend. Globally, mobile ad spend surpassed that for other internet channels (including desktop, tablet and connected TVs) combined for the first time in 2018.  The report has also revealed that mobile is expected to overtake TV in absolute terms across this year.

Display formats contribute the most towards internet ad spend growth

The report revealed that online display formats, including banner ads, rich media, advertorial and sponsorship, online video and social media are expected to draw 45.1% of internet advertising spend across Warc’s 12 key markets this year. This is up from a share of 38.0% in 2010. These formats combined, have accounted for over half of internet growth since 2016.

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