Here’s Our 5 Favourite April Fools 2019 Pranks from Brands


April Fool’s day is the day for pranks, typically its usually your friends, colleagues or family who prank each other. These April Fool day pranks usually involve wild theories and absurd stories that could almost be true. It is a great day to laugh and have fun. Over the years, Brands have started to join in the fun of April Fool’s day. They use this opportunity to engage their audience and to get a couple of laughs. On this post, we would be discussing our 5 favourite April Fools 2019 pranks from brands.

Tinder: Height Verification Badge

For April Fools 2019, Tinder acknowledges how important and valuable the currency of height is to the online dating world. They decided to prank their users by announcing plans to release a ‘height verification badge.’ According to the dating site, users will simply have to impute their true height with a screenshot of themselves standing close to any commercial building. The ‘height verification tool’ will then run some analyses to verify your height. It will then give you the height verification badge.

Here’s Our 5 Favourite April Fools 2019 Pranks from Brands

Maryland: Avocado Cookies

Another hit for us was Maryland’s April Fools 2019 prank. Maryland decided to poke fun at millennials and hipster latest food obsession with the launch of its new Avocado cookie. The cookie brand promised consumers an ‘Instagrammable snack’ with its new cookie flavour. They stated that they use “refined avocado powder” instead of flour to create the food alternative to original cookies.

Here’s Our 5 Favourite April Fools 2019 Pranks from Brands

Honda: The Polite Horn

Honda decided to join in the April Fools 2019 fun with the introduction of its polite horn. The polite horn allowed drivers to get the attention of other drivers without having to be ‘so rude’. The polite horn had the mission to make roads everywhere more civilized. This prank is especially funny because it was Honda Canada who launched the solution.


KitKat: Tea Time

Another hit for us for April Fools 2019 is KitKats tea flavoured tea leaves. According to the brand the spent four years and were able to craft the optimal blend of KitKat flavoured tea leaves. The tea bags were even inspired by the signature KitKat range: two-finger, four-finger and KitKat Chunky to fit every break occasion.

McDonald: Shake Sauce

For Aprils Fools 2019, McDonald’s released a new line of sauce dips. The new sauce dips are all milkshake inpsire‏d, some flavours include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. With the prank, McDonald’s pokes some fun at its customers who dunk their fries in milkshakes.


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