Here’s How 3 Brands are Using TikTok


TikTok is the latest social media app that’s gaining a lot of traction. It is not just popular with users but a lot of brands are already partnering with the social network. The app is gaining a lot of traction with brands because it is a great place to boost brand awareness and encourage brand engagements. This social media platform also gives brands access to Gen Z, seeing as it is very popular with them. On this post, we are going to discuss how 3 brands are using TikTok to build their brand. These brands are steadily building their fan base on this platform and driving brand engagements. If you are brand thinking on leveraging this platform to drive engagement and brand awareness but have no idea how to start. This post would show you how other brands are using TikTok and it will inspire you to start taking advantage of this amazing platform.

Here’s How 3 Brands are Using TikTok

Here’s How 3 Brands are Using TikTok


The NBA is very popular on TikTok, it one of the brands using TikTok well. They have 5.1 million fans on the platform. The brand adopted a whole new strategy for this platform. For other platforms like Instagram, the NBA focuses purely on basketball games and highlights. But for TikTok, the brand adopted a lighter and more humorous approach.  On the platform, they mix game highlights with music montages and inspirational quotes. A lot of the time you will see the brand post videos of players working out dramatically to music, dancing on the court, or adventures of team mascots. They also post motivational and inspirational posts.

Their approach to TikTok seems to be very effective. They use the platform to lighten up the brand and make the brand and its athletes more relatable. If your brand usually has a serious and tough tone, you can use TikTok to show a lighter and more relatable side to your brand.

United Nations IFAD

Another brand doing well on TikTok is United Nations is IFAD. The brand’s goal is to fight world hunger by promoting rural agriculture. When most see the brands mission and goal, they won’t expect to see the brand on the platform. But the brand has been able to leverage the platform to raise awareness for its cause. Unlike the NBA, the brand doesn’t use a lighter approach to engage with users on the platform. Instead, they use informative posts and motivational videos to inspire viewers to change the world.

Some of their posts include high-quality short films of people farming around the world. With these types of posts, viewers can learn how agriculture works and why supporting it might solve world hunger. The brand recently took a lighter approach to promote their cause. They launched a #danceforchange challenge.  The challenge encouraged viewers to film themselves dancing while using the #danceforchange hashtag in captions.

Though the brand takes a serious approach they use beautifully shot videos, peppy music, and challenges to engage, motivate, and entertain audiences at the same time. If you are brand with a very serious mission like United Nations IFAD, then you can consider adopting their approach.

NBC’s Stay Tuned

NBC’s Stay Tuned was originally an NBC-produced Snapchat news show. The show was made to appeal to Gen Z, the brand has now moved the show to TikTok. It is also a huge success on the platform just like Snapchat. It has nearly a million fans on the platform. The show offers a mix of behind-the-scenes videos and quick news bites that touch on weird events and pop culture. The stories are quickly paced, well-edited and focused on stories that might seem more interesting to the younger audiences on the app. Just like the NBA, they used a lighter approach to gain traction on the platform. What’s really interesting about NBC’s strategy is that the create completely different content from what is posted on Snapchat. The content is specially tailored and created for the platform.

If you are a publisher, entertainer, blogger or in academics you can adopt NBC’s strategy of different content for different platforms.


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