Here’s Fiat Chrysler’s Brilliant Strategy for Boosting Media Impressions


Drum recently reported on a new brilliant media strategy Fiat Chrysler recently adopted to boost its media impressions. What makes the media strategy so brilliant is that, at little or no cost, Fiat Chrysler has been able to boost its media impressions by more than 100% since 2016. According to Drums report, Fiat Chrysler’s has been sending its cars to a record label to be featured in music videos. By featuring their cars in music videos, the car marque has been able to capitalize on the high viewerships of music videos to boost its media impressions.

Here’s Fiat Chrysler’s Brilliant Strategy for Boosting Media Impressions

About Fiat Chrysler’s Brilliant Strategy

Like the article said earlier, as part of Fiat Chrysler’s strategy to boost media impressions it sent its models to record labels to be featured on music videos. The strategy was out of the car brand’s own paid media plans. According to Drums report, the strategy started as a “little experiment” about 4 years ago. The car marque reports that the strategy has been very successful and has already paid dividends.  According to the car marque’s Chief marketing Officer Oliver Francois, their cars have been featured in music videos that have collectively amassed 20 billion YouTube views. The figure rose from 7.8 billion in 2016 to its current 20 billion.

Here’s Fiat Chrysler’s Brilliant Strategy for Boosting Media Impressions

Fiat Chrysler has partnered with several record labels like Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Interscope and Epic. The brand’s cars were featured on Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Pugh’s “See You Again” video. In the video the brands six Dodge vehicles were featured, the very popular video was responsible for the 4 billion out 20 billion views the brand has amassed over the years. According to Francois, the brands CMO, the strategy involved capitalizing on YouTube’s prime consumer offering. According to brandwatch, 95% of the most watch videos on YouTube in 2018 was music videos. By capitalizing on these statistics, the car marque has been able to greatly boost their media impressions.

Fiat Chrysler Speaks on the Strategy

According to Francois, the strategy works so well because music when the viewers are watching the music video they are completely engaged unlike when they are watching a commercial. It also works because the strategy is also very targeted because they know who exactly they are talking to. All these work together to drive interest in their cars while saving the brand a lot of money on media spending.


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