Heineken Goes Green with New Crown Cork


Heineken recently unveiled a new alluring all green crown cork. According to the brand, the new change represents the next but subtle step in the evolution of Heineken’s brand identity. With the new crown cork, the beer brand is trying to express the clear, bright, fresh and natural character of their beer. They plan to do all this while still retaining the same great taste. Heineken made the announcement of the new green crown cork at Nigerian Breweries their head office in Lagos.

Heineken Goes Green with New Crown Cork

Heineken Speaks About the New Crown Cork and Shift in Identity

Olaoluwa Babalola the Brand Manager of the beer larger talked about the new crown cork and the brand’s shift. He explained that the new change in the brand’s crown cork maintains the brand’s contemporary and progressive identity. It also highlights the beer brand’s most iconic design elements. The new crown cork shows the brand’s unique red star to be bolder and the dominant green colour is also more prominent.

The brand also replaced the word ‘quality’ with ‘Original.’ The change to ‘Original’ helps drive the point that the brand is one of the most authentic brands in the world. Babalola assured its customers that the beer will still maintain the same great taste and quality. The new look will take effect this May and old silver crown corks will be gradually be phased out.

Why Heineken Changed the Crown Cork

Emmanuel Oriakhi the Marketing Director at Nigerian Breweries spoke about the new look. He talked about how excited the brand is with the new modification to their crown cork. He stated that just as with the limited edition bottles, they are confident that their consumers will share in the euphoria of this new change. Oriakhi stated that as the brand strives to consistently raise the bar in their consumer experience. The new crown cork design re-establishes their resolve to stay prominent above other brands all while maintaining that same originality and great taste.


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