Gulder Repositions its Brand with New Tagline “Own Your Journey”


One of Nigeria’s premium beer brands, Gulder, recently announced that it would be repositioning its brand. The new brand position comes with a new tagline. Gulder will be changing its tagline from “The Ultimate beer” to “Own Your Journey”. With the new tagline, Gulder wants to alter its messaging to reflect the new brand position.

Gulder Repositions its Brand with New Tagline “Own Your Journey”

About the Gulder’s Repositioning and New Tagline

With Gulder’s new brand position and tagline, the brand is hoping to craft a better narrative that will better connect with its target audience. The premium beer brand’s repositioning plan will not just affect its tagline. It will also oversee the brands new creative directions. The new brand identity will help the brand further distinguish itself from other premium beer brands. They plan to launch a series of event which will cut across different media channels. With the events, Gulder hopes to better communicate their fresh new identity. With the new tagline and brand position, Gulder wants to challenge Nigerians to take charge of their quest for success. They want to aspire Nigerians to take charge of their proverbial journey towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Gulder Reps Speak on the Brand’s New Position and Tagline.

Emmanuel Oriakhi, the Marketing Director of Nigeria Breweries spoke on the brands new positioning. He stated that though the brand is one of Nigeria’s oldest beer brands, they are still evolving. As they evolve the brand feels they should continually redefine what they represent. He assured the consumers that Gulder’s new position isn’t a complete change in direction. They are simply crafting a narrative that helps to communicate their values better. He further explained that the brand wants to encourage Nigerians to be proud of their quest for success. He acknowledge the fact that all Nigerians are on a journey to achieving their personal and professional goals, the brand simply wants to celebrate the journey.

The Portfolio Manager of National Premium Lager in Nigerian Breweries Sara Agha also spoke about the repositioning. She stated that the theme of owning your journey is an incentive. The incentive hopes to help Nigeria have a good definition of their personal journeys in all the spheres of their endeavours. They want to encourage Nigerians to own their journey to success and be the best version of themselves.

Gulder Changes Brand Image in 2018

In 2018, the brand changed its label design, the new design showcased one of the brand’s strongest assets which is The Gulder Knight. The Knight was made to face forward, which was to show that the brand was more progressive. They also debuted a new tagline which was “Looking Forward”. It is unclear if the 2018 tagline and label design will come into play with the brand’s new position and tagline.


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