Guinness Flavour Rooms: Guinness Hosts a 3 day Experiential Marketing Event


From the 29th of November to the 1st of December 2018, Guinness would be holding an experiential marketing event called The Guinness Flavour Rooms.  The Flavour Rooms event will hold at Maradiva Events Centre, Lekki Lagos. The experiential event will offer attendees the opportunity to fully immerse all their senses in the signature taste of Guinness’s stout.

Guinness Flavour Rooms: Guinness Hosts a 3 day Experiential Marketing Event
Guinness Flavour Rooms: Guinness Hosts a 3 day Experiential Marketing Event

About the Guinness Flavour Rooms Event

The Guinness experiential marketing event promises to awaken the senses of its attendees. The Guinness Flavour Rooms will be a multi-sensory area, attendees will get the opportunity to explore the many dimensions of the Guinness Brand.  It will give the attendees the opportunity to truly feel the brand. Attendees will truly understand why the Guinness brand stands out from other brands. At the end of the event, customers will truly feel and know that the Guinness brand is made for more.

The Guinness Flavour Rooms

The Guinness Flavour rooms experiential event will have 4 four rooms which will represent the 4 characters of Guinness.

  • The Refreshing room: This room will be styled to represent the refreshing flavour of Guinness. The attendees should expect a chill and relaxing ambience in this room.
  • The Bittersweet room: This room will have a cutting edge and memorable style. This room will represent memorable uniqueness of the Guinness stout.
  • The Bold room: This room would be styled to represent the bold and brave nature of the Guinness Brand. The style and ambience of this room would be bold and very impactful.
  • The Rich room: This room will be styled with a deep and sophisticated theme. This room will represent the brand’s depth and richness.

Guinness Reps Speak About the Flavour Rooms

In a statement Guinness Brand Manager for Nigeria, Henry Esiaba said that the flavour rooms will give Nigerians the opportunity to find out what they should expect to from their beer. He explained that the beer was made for more and Nigerians will get the opportunity to feel it as they go through the four rooms. He promised an awakening of their senses. Guinness promises attendees a first of its kind immersive experience. They say that the Flavour rooms will be vibrant and it will offer an exciting experience. As the attendees travel through the refreshing, bold, bittersweet and rich rooms their senses will be awakened.

This experiential marketing event should be great, it offers Guinness the opportunity to truly connect with its consumers. This event will give Guinness the unique opportunity to offer its consumers an individualized and memorable experience that will inspire an authentic connection.


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