Guinness Clear: Guinness Promotes Responsible Drinking with New Ad


Guinness recently launched a new campaign to promote responsible drinking. The release of the campaign coincides with the launch of 2019 Six Nation rugby championship on Friday in Paris. To promote responsible drinking Guinness used the campaign to launch a new drink called “Guinness Clear”.  Guinness Clear is 100 per cent H20, Guinness Clear is literally re-branded tap water. Unlike other ads from alcoholic beverage companies which promote responsible drinking by saying phrases like “drink responsibly”. The Guinness ad plainly encourages viewers to drink water instead of alcohol.

Guinness Clear: Guinness Promotes Responsible Drinking with New Ad

About Guinness Clear Spot

The spot was created with AMV BBDO and directed by Tom Kuntz (He directed the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” spot). The spot uses all the clichés from traditional ads, clichés like happy customers drinking the great tasting Guinness clear.  The ad features International rugby players Brian O’Driscoll and Lawrence Dallaglio. They are seen in a bar enjoying a glass of Guinness Clear. The spot was created to encourage supporters to swap out their beers for a glass of water every once in a while. The ad also wants to dispel the social stigmas associated with ordering water at the bar. Guinness’s ad is both delightful to watch and uses a light-hearted approach to encourage responsible drinking.

 As part of the Guinness Clear campaign, Guinness will be introducing branded water fountains. They will also launch a sampling campaign of the Guinness’s new “drink”. The sampling campaign will help keep people hydrated at rugby matches during the 2019 Six Nations rugby championship. With this campaign, true Guinness fans can still stick with their favourite brand while also hydrating themselves with Guinness Clear.

Video for Guinness Clear Campaign

Guinness Speaks on the Campaign

The global head of the beer, Baileys and Smirnoff at Diageo Mark Sandys made a comment about the campaign. He stated that the light-hearted approach the brand delivered the message with will help drive the conversation of responsible drinking. He also stated that the Guinness Clear campaign will help to put responsible drinking in the front of people’s minds throughout the Six Nations match and beyond.  The Guinness brand wants to ensure that ordering water is an active and positive choice made by the millions of fans who will be watching and attending the rugby tournament.


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