GTBank Mobile Banking: A How to Guide on Navigating the GTB Mobile Banking


GT bank is one of Nigeria’s premier banks, with great services that meet their customer’s every finance-related need.  The GTBank Mobile banking is a platform that allows you to access multiple banking functionalities and allows you to conduct transactions from almost any device at your own convenience. There are three major methods with which you can use to access and operate your bank account through your mobile phone securely. These methods are listed below;

  • Using the MoVe app standing for mobile velocity.
  • GT (Guarantee Trust) bank mobile application for phones.
  • Guarantee trust mobile banking website.

How To Access And Use The MoVe App For Banking

MoVe is a well-known GTBank mobile banking application that is compatible with mobile phones which helps you access and connect your account using the GT bank official website at Below are some lists of what you can use the MoVe app to do

  • The app helps you to get the location of the nearest GT bank ATM station or branch through the Google maps or Nokia’s OVI maps
  • You can get real bank exchange rates for foreign currencies like GBP, USD, YEN, EUR and much more using the currency exchange rate or calculator
  • You can easily visit the daily stock market reports using the NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange)

The app is very easy, in fact, it is as easy as reading the back of your palms; follow the steps below to use the app, but before that, you need to know that this app is for Java and Symbian phones, Blackberry devices, Android and iOS

How to download and use the app

How To Access And Use The GTBank Mobile Banking Application

This GTBank Mobile banking application is a free mobile banking application which enables users to perform any kind of transaction from the comfort of their home or office.

How to download and the app

  • Visit the store on any of your devices and search for GT bank
  • Download the app and install
  • Next launch the app, identify and verify your account and you are done.

Another GTBank Mobile banking platform is the USSD mobile platform. You can access the banking platform by dialling *737*0# to open an account and follow the guided steps on your screen.

  • Dial *737*5# to make your transaction pin
  • Dial *737*1# to fund your account


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