Google’s Offside Museum Will Honor Women Who Defied Female Soccer Bans Worldwide


Google’s Arts & Culture arm plans to launch a new interactive museum website called Offside Museum. The Offside Museum seeks to spotlight the many women who defied soccer bans worldwide. The Offside Museum will be launched by Google’s Art & Culture arm to coincide with the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Organizers of the Offside Museum have started to solicit the media and firsthand accounts from female soccer players who endured this period of worldwide soccer bans. The worldwide soccer bans lasted roughly from the 1920s to the late 1970s.

Google’s Offside Museum Will Honor Women Who Defied Female Soccer Bans Worldwide

About Google’s Offiside Museum

According to Google’s Art & Culture arm, they have tried to compile a history of women’s soccer. Their attempts to compile a history proved to be futile because such a history doesn’t exist. Based on this knowledge, Google has decided to call on the public. They want the public to help them fill the gaps in the historical periods of women’s soccer that are missing. The search giant is kicking off what it calls “the world’s largest crowdsourced search for the undocumented history of women’s soccer.” To promote their search, the released a video. The video featured Léa Campos, the world’s first female professional soccer referee. She was supposedly arrested a whopping 15 times during Brazil’s soccer prohibition.

Apart from the video, Google plans to spread the word about the museum with other channels. They will do this with the help of their partner creative agency AKQA’s Brazil office. The campaign will be promoted across out-of-home media, digital and social channels. Once the photos and information have been collected and curated, they’ll go public on the Google Arts & Culture platform June 24.

About Google’s Art & Culture Program

Google’s Art & Culture program was founded in 2011 and it seeks to make artwork and other culturally significant artefacts available to the public online. They do this through partnerships with several international museums. Some of its previous endeavours have included virtual-reality museum tours and a portrait-matching facial recognition app.


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