Google Rolls Out New Visual Ad Formats for Mobile


Google recently announced some new ad types, these new ad types will start showing up through its products. Some of the new ad types will interrupt the core Google search and discovery experiences. One of such formats is image-focused buys for brands.

Google Rolls Out New Visual Ad Formats for Mobile

Details about the New Ad Formats

One of the new ad formats Google will be rolling out on searches on mobile is gallery ads. These gallery ads will allow the advertisers to display multiple images for users to swipe through. Another addition is that the user will soon be able to see ads in Google’s discover feed. Google’s discover feed is the feed of news stories that you find built into many Android home screens, it will be on platform’s app and on the search engine platforms mobile homepage. The discover feed ads will appear just like any other story, with an image on top, a headline, and a subject field with more information. But it will have a small badge that says “ad” to let users know it’s sponsored.

More Details about the New Ad Formats

According to reports, the discover feeds and the discover feeds ad will only appear in some select locations for now. The search engine platform stated the new ad formats will make ads more noticeable. According to the brand’s ad chief  Prabhakar Raghavan, during the testing of gallery ads, they saw up to 25 per cent more interactions when compared to traditional search ads. Gallery Ads will only be launching on mobile, not the desktop. According to reports, the discover ads will appear in Google’s mobile app, as well as on the discover feed on Android phones. They stated that those ads won’t appear in the discover feed that’s built into the mobile homepage.

According to reports, the ads will extend to YouTube as well. They will slot in alongside recommended videos. The search engine platform also stated that the discover feed ads will also roll out later this year


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